Dexter Season Four: Episodes 1 & 2

From here on out I’m going to do my best to post weekly reviews of each episode, but due to my slacker-ness, I’ll start by giving you my overall thoughts on episodes 1 & 2.

Episode one: Living the Dream
The premiere opened with 1.5 million viewers which is up .3 million from the season 3 premiere. If you missed it, there are quite a few ways to find it online. My preferred method is through Netflix’s “view instantly” option. It will be available until October 12th.

For those of you who have followed Dexter, the season opener seems to be taking us in the direction we all knew it would: Dexter adjusting to being a family man. It’s interesting to see Dexter be less than perfect. He’s usually so meticulous about everything, we’ve never seen him make a mistake. (Well, that whole confiding-in-Prado thing wasn’t really a good idea.. and dumping Rita for Lila was even worse, but these mistakes are obviously different.) Even in that way, Dexter has become more human. I’ve heard some people say that they think Dexter is becoming too human.. That his need to kill is seeming more like an obligation than a release. I can see that perspective, but I disagree. It’s like breathing.. When you’re sick, it hurts and you don’t really want to, but it is a necessity. Dexter is exhausted because he’s been taking care of Harrison at night and even though he may not have the energy to kill, it’s a necessity. (Side note: Why the H can’t Rita get up and take care of Harrison? It’s not like she does anything during the day. Not only is Dexter’s job their bread and butter, he is also responsible for people’s lives and futures on a daily basis (both at work and for leisure).. it’s kind of important that he get some sleep. Am I the only one irritated by this?)
As far as the subplots go, I’m already ready for the  LaGuerta/Angel love story to be over. I only see trouble coming from their relationship, and honestly, I don’t really care. I liked him better with Barbara. Hopefully we’ll see what the falling out was there. The same goes for the Deb/Anton/Lundy triangle it appears they’re trying to establish. Leave Deb with Anton and let Lundy do his job (well, former job) and track the Trinity Killer.
However, while I don’t really like Quinn, I am intrigued by his story line. I’m also curious to see what happens when Deb finds out that Harry was having an affair with Dexter’s bio mom. And, of course I’m incredibly interested in the Trinity Killer. I like the way their introducing him. We are aware of the rituals Dexter uses to not get caught, but it’ll be fascinating to see how another successful killer operates.
Lastly, I love the humor of this show. The out of tune opening credits tribute got big laughs from our group as did the “Please give me a good excuse as to why you’re asleep in your car outside a bar other than you’re drunk.” “I’m tired.” line. Little comedic moments in the show add another dimension. Kudos to you, writers!
All in all I thought the premiere was great. My main complaint was with the spoiler-ridden preview for the rest of the season.  Now, I’m not one for spoilers, but previews don’t generally irritate me because they only give away minor things.. Not so with this one. The end of the episode was such a build-up! It left you saying, “Holy crap! What the eff is Dexter gonna do about Benny’s body?!” Unfortunately, that excitement only lasted about 10 seconds after the credits. Thanks.

Rating: 8/10

Episode two: Remains to Be Seen
Nothing overly amazing happens in this episode, but that’s not to say it was a bad episode. Like I said before, it would’ve been some sort of shock/relief to find out that Benny’s body never made it to the car had it not been for the craptacular spoiler from week one. (Yes, I’m still a little bitter about it.) On the bright side, it was interesting finding out what Dex had actually done with the body and how his visions of Harry had been clues throughout the episode.
I was pretty tired when I watched the episode so to be honest, I found myself dozing off during the LaGuerta/Angel conversation about ending the relationship (which obviously isn’t happening.. at least for now) and the talk Lundy and Deb had. I did end up going back and re-watching those scenes. I only brought it up to emphasize how much I’m not interested in those story lines.
Other than that, we saw Quinn stealing money which Dexter witnesses, but says nothing. Intriguing. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Quinn. Plus, it’s kinda nice to see him kissing Dexter’s butt after how he went off on him last week (justified or not).
Not much action from the Trinity Killer this episode.. just added creepiness.
That’s pretty much it, but I do wanna throw in another 2 cents about how much more I’m irritated with Rita for not getting up and taking care of Harrison after this episode.
Oh, no, it’s cool Rita. Let Dexter lose another night of sleep so you can sit around and do nothing tomorrow. It’s not like the guy didn’t just almost die and let a killer go free (as far as everyone knows) from lack of sleep. Sheesh.

Rating: 7/10


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