Today in useless news (2nd Edition)

Flight of the Conchords – ‘I Told You I Was Freaky’ hits stores tomorrow
If you’re like me, you’ve already downloaded virtually the entire album on iTunes, but you can bet I’ll still be picking up the album after work tomorrow evening. If you wanna save some money, but have the patience to wait for it to be delivered, you can get a good price at Amazon.

Michael Jackson’s Graphic Novel
I realized that MJ was in the middle of a lot of projects, but even I am surprised about this one.. Yep, I’ll buy it.

In other MJ news:
Here’s something of Michael’s I wouldn’t buy..
Eww.. Why?
‘This is It’ (song) released
Yeah, it’s old news but I figure any posthumous MJ music deserves a mention.
Yearbook Fail
Huh.. That’s interesting. Kind of. Not really.

In case you haven’t heard, Zach Braff is still alive
He even posted a video with Turk to prove it.

Spooky! Scary!
I’m so glad to see the return of 30 Rock.. and Halloween.

John Mayer ‘Who Says’ video is up
Still not a fan of the song. Sorry, John.

Just when you think Texas couldn’t suck any more.. send Oprah to the Texas State Fair. Blerg! And of course, her favorite food item was the fried butter. Go figure.

Hey Gleeks, ‘Glee’ is planning to hit the road

Here’s hoping for a special appearance from the Acafellas!

Everything falls apart
Cinema is no exception says Francis Ford Coppola. It’s sad but true.

58% of men and 38% of women are liars!
Well, at least when it comes to classic movie knowledge. Of the six listed, I have only seen two. I am shame-faced.

True Blood death.. Dun dun dun!
I really don’t know who this would be. Mary Ann was the only person I really want to die. Hmm.. Oh, I guess it’d be nice to see Pastor Steve Newlin go, but I’m pretty sure we’re done with him now.

Poloroids are coming back
Why am I excited about this? I must really be into instant gratification.

Speaking of things that are making a comeback..
I despise country music, but if I had to be subjected to it on a regular basis, I’d choose the twang of good ol’ Garth. Why? A. He’s an Oklahoma boy. B. ‘The Thunder Rolls’ may be the best country song to come out in my lifetime, IMO. C. I drive down his boulevard regularly.


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