Mixtape 091

: Christian music that doesn’t suck.

Side A:
RadiatorFamily Force 5 (Rock/Electro)
“..a generation of radiation. We are the chosen nation.”
Modern Day Prayer
Twothirtyeight (Alt. rock/Indie)
“God, if you can hear as the sun is creeping down, could you kindly point me right out of town? Honestly, I’m sick and tired of falling down.”
Cool Hand Luke (Alt. rock/Indie)
“I want to live in such a way that when I’m gone my friends would say that if my life was turned to film, I’d be standing on a mountain shouting victory in the end.”
Mouth Like a MagazineShowbread (hXc)
“..so unhappy, yet so preoccupied. Never found beaten down with your forked tongue tied.”
dcTalk (Rock/AC)
“Follow me through the door to the great unknown. (Something was telling me that this would shape my destiny.) Take my hand, understand you are not alone.”
Nothing Left to Lose
Mat Kearney (AC)
“Come on and we’ll sing like we were free. Push the pedal down, watch the world around fly by us.”
Buckets for Bullet WoundsHouse of Heroes (Alt. rock)
“Here’s a joke you might not laugh at – All the poorest work the hardest for the smallest. Do what you gotta do. There are no handshakes, only handguns.. only earthquakes.”

Side B:
Fell in Love with the Game
Blindside (hXc)
“Put the knife in the table.. deck of cards fly across the room. This game has ended, someone need to die. ‘Cause I put my life on the table but forgot the risk I assume, now it’s going down.”
Softer to MeRelient K (Rock/AC)
“Life, could be a little softer to me? Life, could you be more gentle to me? Yeah, I know this is a selfish plea.”
Open WoundsSkillet (Alt. rock)
“You can’t stop me from falling apart, ’cause my self destruction is all your fault.”
Make RoomGRITS (Rap)
“I’m tight like the shorts that men look gay in.”
If I Could Make It Work in LifeKevin Max (Rock/Indie)
“I sleep in a rented bed with a woman who gives me what little I get of the love that we’d like to imagine is left of the love that we never did know.”

Bullet to BinarymewithoutYou (hXc)
“When you laugh, you’ll feel my breath there filling up your lungs. And when you cry, those aren’t your tears but I’m there falling down your cheek.”
The Day That You Were BornDiscover America (Indie)
“Now the birds join in a chorus – a composition written for us. But, it only serves to bore us as we’re headed on our way.”


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