Five best films I saw in February

1. Arthur (1981)

“He’s taking the knife out of the cheese. Do you think he wants some cheese?”

2. Chaplin (1992)

“If you want to understand me, watch my movies.”

3. Crazy Heart (2009)

This ain’t no place for the weary kind. This ain’t no place to lose your mind. This ain’t no place to fall behind. Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try.

4. Creepshow (1982)

“Where’s.. my cake? I.. want.. my.. cake!”

5. Good Dick (2008)

“You can’t talk to the porn customers the same way you talk to the ones who are renting Truffaut for the 12th time.”

Other films seen in February:
The Young Victoria – 8/10
The Cove – 8/10
The Toy – 7/10
An American Werewolf in London – 7/10
Bright Star – 6/10 (Don’t kill me.)
Evil Dead II -6/10
World’s Greatest Dad – 4/10
Pineapple Express – 4/10
Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist – 3/10
Paul Blart: Mall Cop – 2/10
The Comebacks – 2/10


6 thoughts on “Five best films I saw in February

      1. Oh, there was a fair amount. The bubblegum, for one; you’ll notice Caroline is loose with the gum initially, but becomes more possessive of it the farther she spirals, giving it up when she reunites with Norah. It’s Norah’s turn to clutch onto it, though, and when she gets comfortable with Nick, she gives it up. Nick’s spitting it out at the end (he’s the only one who gives the gum up violently) represents his full embrace of the uncomfortable situation he’s in, and his refusal to back away from it regardless of how unfamiliar it might be.
        The fact that it takes place at night and ends at dawn also speaks to the dark, emotionally abusive relationships both the leads were in the process of disengaging from, that it was dark for them, and the light broke inly when they both walked away.
        And then there’s the search for the band, which really is the search for something elusive, something fabled, like love. You look for clues to find the bad, much like you look for clues in a relationship.

        Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I realised, though, that the movie worked for me a lot better than it did for most other people, and for me, that hasn’t diminished with rewatches. So that’s my take on it.
        It is an oddly polarising movie, though. Like, people either rate it 4/10 and below, or they rate it 7/10 and above. I haven’t encountered anyone who’s indifferent to it.

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