Yada. Yada. Yada.

Random thoughts.

  • Thunder take on the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

..And I couldn’t be more excited! Yes, I get that we’re at a major disadvantage here (due in part to a bad non-call from the refs in the Jazz game. Grr!), but let’s not get spoiled, Thunder fans. Maybe you’ve forgotten that we were the 4th worst team in the league last season. No one thought we’d make it this far this quickly. Our boys have done amazing and I proud of them all (yes, even Nick). Win or not against the Lakers, we’ve had a heck of a season and I’m gonna enjoy every minute of this playoff ride. (On a related note, if you’d like to join the effort to help get Beth and I playoff tickets, I’m accepting volunteers. )
Also, keep in mind that Scott Brooks will easily win coach of the year and KD is the leading scorer this season. As a Thunder fan, there’s a lot to be excited about. Thunder up!

  • Television.

Have you seen Sons of Anarchy? Well, you need to. It’s one of the most addicting dramas I’ve seen in awhile. Matter of fact, it’s currently tied with Breaking Bad as my fourth favorite drama of all time. You have until the fall to catch up on the show’s two seasons. Go do it. Now. You’ll thank me.

Only 6 episodes of LOST left, kids.. and that’s including tonight’s episode. I’ll admit that as a huge LOST fan, I’ve been underwhelmed with this season. However, I understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. I still have no doubt in my mind that the writers have had this planned out from the beginning and all our questions will be answered. My underwhelm-ment (not an actual word) has come mostly from the pacing rather than the storyline itself. Given the show’s history, I’m used to getting a jaw-dropping episode every night, but I realize that wouldn’t work in the final season. Once things are all said and done and I re-watch this season, I think I’ll enjoy it more since I’ll be able to change my mindset about my formula for the series and embrace the route the writers took more easily.
P.S. Someone kill Kate, please.

Hey TV elitists, Supernatural isn’t so bad. Don’t let the fact that it’s on the CW fool you. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a show of the same caliber of The Sopranos or Dexter or something like that, but it’s solidly entertaining. The plots are a little predictable at times, but overall well thought out and the acting is (mostly) good. If you’re looking for an entertaining series that you don’t have to invest yourself in too much to enjoy, Supernatural is an excellent choice. Plus ladies and gay gents, Sam and Dean.. mmm!

Yeah, it’s kind of old news, but you should watch it anyway. It’s just beautiful. On a related note, I have a couple of friends who are working on various short film projects that I have plans to soon be a part of. I’ve always wanted to be involved in a film production in any capacity, regardless of scale, so I’m pretty jazzed about the opportunity. Once they’re edited and uploaded, I’ll be posting links here.. if you care to watch them.

  • Texas Stadium implodes.

On Sunday morning,  the legendary Texas Stadium was imploded to make room for a highway. I know that my feelings about it will sound absurd to those of you who aren’t Cowboys fans, but it felt like part of me died watching those walls collapse. The only thing I can compare my emotions to is how it felt driving by 91FM after they had taken the sign down or driving by my Grandma’s house knowing that I can never go back. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life watching sports history happen in that stadium, not to mention making some of the best memories I’ve had in the last decade of my life while visiting there. As beautiful and epic as Cowboys Stadium is, Texas Stadium was home. Farewell, old friend.

  • Music.

I have my lists of pros and cons about spring, but near the top of the pros list lies “music selection according to mood”. The sun brings out the need for me to find new, cheery music to listen to. I’ve been known to spend time out on the back porch with The Black Seeds or drive with the windows down listening to Liam Finn. (Check previous blog for more music examples.)  All that to say, if you have some good “spring” music you’d like to suggest, I’m all ears.
Oh, another high pro for spring – drive-in movies. Who’s coming with me?


3 thoughts on “Yada. Yada. Yada.

  1. all the things you just said were great.. Thunder talk, SAMCRO, Texas Stadium, Dean and Sam, Lost, all that great stuff.. i skipped the music part though, i’m assuming it was pretentious indie junk i’ve never heard of..

  2. I knew you’d enjoy all these topics!

    Sorry you’re uninterested in my music taste. We can’t all be Justin Bieber fans.

  3. Re: Lost
    I don’t think the pacing has really differed from the rest of the series. I think that many people are expecting the episodes to be fast-paced and hard-edged because its the last season, but really they are moving the story along like they always have. I like that they’re being consistent. But yeah, they know what they’re doing. The last Desmond episode convinced me of that.
    Also, lay off poor Kate 😦

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