Top 10 Songs Containing Female Names

10. Darlene – Led Zeppelin
9. Laura – Scissor Sisters
8. Mary Jane’s Last Dance – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
7. The Wind Cries Mary – Jimi Hendrix
6. Joan – Butch Walker
5. Mrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel
4. Jenny – Flight of the Conchords
3. Bennie and the Jets – Elton John
2. Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
1. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

*The link attached is a youtube playlist containing all of my top 10.

**All placements subject to change (except Billie Jean because it’s unbeatable). Also, I limited myself to one song per artist. Otherwise, you would’ve seen Dirty Diana – MJ and Carol Brown – FotC as well.

Songs that missed the cut (in no particular order):
Debbie – Architecture in Helsinki
Black Betty – Ram Jam
Skeleton Jill – Lovedrug
Roseanna – Toto
Penny & Me – Hanson (Shut up! I like Hanson!)
Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs
Jamie’s Cryin’ – Van Halen
Jane Says – Jane’s Addiction
Why Georgia – John Mayer
Janie’s Got a Gun – Aerosmith
Roxanne – The Police
867-5309/Jenny – Tommy Tutone
Sherry – The 4 Seasons
Sadie Hawkins Dance – Relient K


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