Top 100 TV Characters of All-Time: Series Two

90. Kevin Arnold – The Wonder Years

Played by: Fred Savage
Wanna watch?: Too bad. The Wonder Years is not currently airing on any American station and is not currently available on DVD due to music copyrights.

  • There have been plenty of shows about teenagers and the problems they face, but to me, The Wonder Years started it all. Of course, the show’s main focus is on young Kevin Arnold – the good kid with a nerdy best friend, a typical family and is in love with the girl next door. The difference with The Wonder Years to me is that it’s set in a turbulent, yet much  more naive time. Much like the narrator (older Kevin Arnold), I look back to when I was young and watching the show when it originally aired and think about how simple life was.

89. Nate Fisher – Six Feet Under

Played by: Peter Krause
Wanna watch?: All 5 seasons of Six Feet Under can be purchased on DVD.

  • I imagine some of you are asking, “What is Nate Fisher doing way down here?” Well, although I own all of Six Feet Under, I have only watched through season 2 thus far. My feelings on Nate have been all over the place already. At first I was pretty neutral about him, then I starting disliking him, and now I feel like I understand Nate’s personality and have grown to really care about the guy. While I can see how every character is the way they are in that family, I feel like if I were put in the same situation, I would be most like Nate.. except for the whole Brenda thing. I really don’t like Brenda. She’s a psycho.

88. James Doakes – Dexter

Played by: Erik King
Wanna watch?: The season 5 premiere of Dexter is set to air on Showtime in September. Seasons 1 – 3 are currently available on DVD and season 4 will be released in August.

  • I know that Doakes wasn’t one of the more popular characters on Dexter, but I find myself liking him more and more each time I re-watch season one and the part of season two that I can get through (the pre-Lila episodes.. I loathe her). He was hilarious and actually was a pretty dang good cop. Dexter had a point when he questioned, “Why in a building full of cops, all supposedly with a keen insight to the human soul, is Doakes the only one who gets the creeps from me?”

87. Sue Sylvester – Glee

Played by: Jane Lynch
Wanna watch?: Season 1 of Glee just aired a couple days ago, but I’m sure they’ll be getting the DVD out shortly due to the ridiculous fandom.

  • While I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a “gleek,” I do enjoy Glee.. in part due to Sue Sylvester. I’ve thought Jane Lynch was hilarious for quite some time and was happy to see that, after a rocky start, they got her character figured out comically. She was a great casting choice for the leader of the Cheerios and delivers insults about Mr. Schuester’s hair like no one else could. Outstanding.

86. Mr. Eko – LOST

Played by: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Wanna watch?: Unfortunately, the series finale of LOST aired last month. ABC is still airing episodes sporadically, but you can’t just jump into LOST – you MUST start at the beginning. Seasons 1 – 5 are available on DVD or can be viewed instantly on Netflix. still had season 6 available streaming, and season 6 hits stores in August with a boat load (I’m so punny!) of special features.

  • Although Mr. Eko had a short run on LOST, he quickly became a fan favorite. He was a strong character with a visible inner struggle. I think of him as the taillie’s combination of Sayid and Jack. He was raised to do good, but made a decision to save his brother that, in turn, changed his life in a negative way and took him away from his moral principals. When he’s given a second chance, he wants to do the right thing but struggles with his inner demons. He’s also very intelligent, a natural born leader and a bad ass. “Checkmate, Mr. Eko.”

85. Tom Hanson – 21 Jump Street

Played by: Johnny Depp
Wanna watch?: The complete series was released on DVD, then went out of print and now will be released again next month. So, you may have to pay a little more to get the whole series, but they can be found.

  • You know the fact that Johnny was in a series guarantees that his character has a spot on this list. However, he’s not just here because he’s Johnny, I genuinely liked the character Tom Hanson. He was a by-the-book cop with a temper who looked young (and sexy) so they placed him in the Jump Street project – cops posing as high school students to help break up drug-rings and whatnot. Tom had that bad boy edge, was a good cop, liked bowling and played the saxophone. What’s not to like? Oh, and did I mention he was sexy? ‘Cause he was. Unfortunately, Johnny found everyone noticing his sexiness irritating and left the series after his contract expired at the end of season 4. I’d say he’s done pretty well for himself since.

84. Howard Moon – The Mighty Boosh

Played by: Julian Barratt
Wanna watch?: The Boosh now airs on Adult Swim and is now available on DVD in region 1 format.

  • While the name Howard Moon doesn’t immediately come to mind when thinking of my favorite characters, Vince Noir does. Truth is, Vince wouldn’t be nearly as funny without his mundane, jazz-loving, small-eyed sidekick, Howard. Julian (Howard) and Noel (Vince) have fantastic comedic chemistry and are simply a joy to watch. Like many comedic duos you’ll find on my list, the straight characters aren’t my favorite, but are immensely important and are still dear to my heart. Howard’s got so much to give.

83. Darnell “Crabman” Turner – My Name is Earl

Played by: Eddie Steeples
Wanna watch?: My Name is Earl is in syndication all over the place and all 4 seasons are available on DVD.

  • Crabman is one of the most likable people on TV.. matter of fact, his relationship with Earl on the show has to be one of my favorite TV friendships ever. The dichotomy of Darnell’s character being so simple and mild-mannered, yet being a highly intelligent assassin living in witness protection is endlessly amusing to me. Be nice to him, his family and Mr. Turtle and he may just make you some lemon squares.

82. Steven Keaton – Family Ties

Played by: Michael Gross
Wanna watch?: Only the first 4 seasons of Family Ties have been released to DVD. The final 3 do not currently have a set release date.

  • Steven joins a short list of TV dads that made my list. Even though Mr. Keaton may have been overshadowed by the popularity of his son, Alex, he was still a very strong character in the series. Steven managed to walk the fine line of being a sitcom dad, but not becoming overly cheesy while still being a firm dad figure. Plus, he had that whole hippie dad working in TV going for him. If I lived on a sitcom and got to pick my dad, he’d would be in my top 2 choices. (Stay tuned for my #1 pick!)

81. Bobby Munson – Sons of Anarchy

Played by: Mark Boone Junior
Wanna watch?: FX will begin season 3 of SoA in September. If you wanna catch up, season 1 is available on DVD and season 2 will go on sale in August.

  • Bobby may be the most laid back, even-tempered member of SAMCRO and I like that about him. He brings a level of rationality to the MC. But at the same time, if something needs taken care of, Bobby will get things done with any means necessary. Along with the brutality he can show, he’s also really funny and even does side gigs as an Elvis impersonator. I tend to have a thing for mediators of less-than-legit organizations, and Bobby is as good as they come. My predictions is, if the series runs for a few more seasons (like it should), you’ll be seeing him much further up my list next time.

To be continued..

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