Trailer: Theatrical
Directed by: Vincenzo Natali
Release year: 2010
Rating: R
Lead actors: Adrian Brody, Sarah Polley

Summary: Oh goodness, what a fascinating mess. Splice is a movie about two scientists/lovers who stick all this DNA together from amphibians, birds, fish and whatnot and turn it into a whole new life form. However, things get out of control when they add human DNA into the mix.


The good: Well, I wasn’t bored. Umm.. honestly, I walked out of the movie not even knowing what exactly it was that I just saw. The only reason I was even interested in seeing Splice is because of the rave reviews it got from critics. So after watching it, I went to see what the big deal was about it. The consensus is, “It doesn’t take its terrific premise quite as far as it should, but Splice is a smart, well-acted treat for horror fans.” Smart? Well, if you mean does it raise some interesting questions about human/animal artificial breeding and possibly forms of cloning, then yes. I can see that. Well-acted? Yep. I’ll give you that too. A treat for horror fans? No. The only horrific thing about this movie is that I paid full price to see it.

The bad: Yep, the previous comments were the “good” points to the movie. Yikes. Okay, here’s what it boils down to – The premise is good. As I was watching I noticed some flaws here and there, but I was willing to let them go because I was enjoying myself. About the time Adrian Brody decided it was okay to go ahead and bone his daughter-like mutant being, I threw in the towel. How do you justify that? You just can’t. There’s nothing right about it. They spent so much time setting him up as a father figure and then decided to take the plunge and have them have incredibly awkward inbred beastiality sex. Bleh.
Then there was the whole character change for no apparent reason. First the chick is the one defending the mutant and the dude wants it dead. Then, all the sudden, the dude wants to care for the mutant and the chick wants to kill it. I think they tried to explain it by telling us that the girl had a bad relationship with her mom, but that wasn’t clear either.
Oh, and why did the thing turn from male to female? And how did the doctors not see that coming? I mean, I did and I’m no doctor.
Alright, one last thing – If you’re expecting this to be a horror movie like the trailer would have you believe, it isn’t. At best, there are 2 or 3 semi-intense scenes. Just a heads up.

Sheesh. I have a really hard time rating Splice. I can see why people would give it a fresh rating. It does have a good premise and, like I said, I was thoroughly entertained by it. However, I can also see how someone would think it was the worst movie ever. I’d say I’m about 50/50.. okay, maybe I’m 40/60.

My rating: 4/10


2 thoughts on “Splice

  1. good read.. i agree with a lot of what you said, but obviously, i liked it more than you and MJ did.. she hated it, you kinda sorta hated it, i kinda sorta liked it.. we should’ve gone with one more person who loved it, and we would’ve had all our bases covered..

    Splice – 6.5/10

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