Top 100 TV Characters of All-Time: Series Four

70. Joey Tribbiani – Friends

Played by: Matt LeBlanc
Wanna watch?: Friends is re-airing on every network imaginable and all ten seasons are available to purchase.

  • Joey was awesome. He was funny, sexy, sweet.. and, like me, he really loved sandwiches. I never was a huge Friends fan like I know many people were, but I liked Joey well enough to even follow his (less than great) spin-off.  I mean, the guy gave us, “How you doin’?”. (You know, before Wendy Williams ruined it.) Based on how many hook-ups that one phrase has caused, Joey should at least be given some sort of award.. like being on my list.

69. Sam Winchester – Supernatural

Played by: Jared Padalecki
Wanna watch?: Supernatural just ended season 5 on the CW, but can be seen in syndication on TNT. Also, seasons 1 – 4 are currently available on DVD.

  • Oh Sam Winchester, you are so hot. Let me count the ways – I love thee’s eyes and abs and thighs.. (Seriously, he’s stupid amounts of hot.)
    Then there’s the character thing – Although he’s not nearly as fun-loving as his brother, Dean, but Sam has his moments. (I especially like the episode that they decided to pull pranks on each other.) He’s also got wicked (pun intended) awesome suck-the-demons-out-of-people powers and he loves his brother.
    Also, did I mention he’s hot? Yeah, I though so.

68. Rose Nylund – The Golden Girls

Played by: Betty White
Wanna watch?: All 7 seasons of The Golden Girls are currently in syndication on The Hallmark Channel and WE tv and can be purchased on DVD.

  • Yeah, a Golden Girls character. Unexpected, right? Here’s the deal, I thought Rose was hilarious. She was so cute and naive with all her ridiculous stories about St. Olaf. And, as we can see with this whole resurgence of Betty White, she’s just a funny lady. However, Rose is really on this list thanks to one awesome lady – my Grandma.
    When I was little, I use to sit and watch The Golden Girls with her every time I’d visit. I was too young to understand the innuendo.. or really anything about the show, but I liked Rose. She reminded me of my grandma – so sweet, loving, pretty and full of life. To this day, every time I see Betty White, I think of her and how much I loved just sitting on the couch next to her for 30 minutes on Saturday nights.

67. Fox Mulder – The X-Files

Played by: David Duchovny
Wanna watch?: As far as I can tell, The X-Files are not in syndication in the US. However, all 9 seasons are available on DVD.

  • Uh oh, my nerd side is showing. For a couple years, I was really into The X-Files.. and why not? It was a good show. What kept me coming back though, was Fox Mulder. He was cynical, suspicious, sarcastic and eccentric – I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I never stood a chance. I simply found his character fascinating.. a little sexy. Hmm.. reading over the adjectives I just wrote, I think my love for Mulder explains my exes. Well, at least none of them were obsessed with aliens.

66. Tracy Jordan – 30 Rock

Played by: Tracy Morgan
Wanna watch?: 30 Rock is between seasons, but re-runs are airing Thursdays on NBC. Seasons 1 – 3 are available on DVD. There is no set release date for season 4 currently.

  • Tracy Jordan is hilarious – plain and simple. He’s erratic behavior gives us no idea what to expect out of him, even after 4 seasons. Famous for partying, it turns out that Tracy has never cheated on his wife – he only parties to keep up his rap credentials. And, he’s not just a TV star, he also has a large filmography including Who Dat Ninja, Honky Grandma Be Trippin’, President Homeboy and Sherlock Homie. But most importantly, he is the creator of the world’s first successful adult video game – Goregasm: The Legend of Dongslayer.

65. Eric Murphy – Entourage

Played by: Kevin Connolloy
Wanna watch?: The 7th and final season of Entourage begins on HBO June 27th. In the meantime, you can catch re-runs of the first 6 seasons on Spike TV or HBO. Seasons 1 – 5 are currently available on DVD. Season 6 hits stores on July 21st.

  • E is another example of the me giving the necessary straight character the shaft. (No pun intended.) I love E, I really do, but out of all the main characters on Entourage, he’s my least favorite. Eric does provide balance though. He’s by far the most mature and business-minded out of the group – Vince would be lost without him. He’s also a very loyal friend and a pretty decent guy all around, really. One difference with E from most the characters like him, is that he’s actually pretty dang funny. It’s a joy to watch him fight it out with Ari, or take jabs at Drama and Turtle. Oh, and his re-occurring one liner of, “Eww!” has been delivered perfectly every time.

64. Russell “Stringer” Bell – The Wire

Played by: Idris Elba
Wanna watch?: I believe BET is airing edited versions of The Wire. If you wanna watch the real deal, you’ll have to buy the DVD set.

    Gangsters are dangerous – educated gangsters are more dangerous. Stringer Bell wasn’t your average thug.. he was more of  a very ruthless businessman. Intelligent and calculating, he worked hard to make the Barksdale crew more than gangsters. He wanted to make them appear legit by investing in housing properties and supporting local politicians. Honesty, if Avon hadn’t turned on him, the Barksdale crew would’ve been virtually unstoppable. However, their betrayal of one another was the end of the crew all together. On the bright side, Stringer’s is one of my all-time favorite death scenes. (Ooh, that sounds like I list I need to make!)

63. Lloyd Lee – Entourage

Played by: Rex Lee
Wanna watch?: The 7th and final season of Entourage begins on HBO June 27th. In the meantime, you can catch re-runs of the first 6 seasons on Spike TV or HBO. Seasons 1 – 5 are currently available on DVD. Season 6 hits stores on July 21st.

  • Just like Andrew Klein said, Lloyd is a “tough queer.” He’s been constantly berated by Ari for years and yet, still remains loyal to him through all of Ari’s struggles. As it turns out, Lloyd is more than just a great assistant, it appears he’ll also make a great agent in the show’s final season airing this summer.
    My favorite aspect of Lloyd really is his relationship with Ari. Although he belittles him daily, Ari truly cares about Lloyd and considers him one of his only close friends. Lloyd puts up with all of it because he believes in Ari and knows that he can learn from him, as well as genuinely cares about him and his family.
    “That was a good speech, Lloyd. If I was 25 and liked c**k, we could be something.”

62. Dr. Jennifer Melfi – The Sopranos

Played by: Lorraine Brocco
Wanna watch?: The edited version of The Sopranos airs on A&E. All seasons of The Sopranos can be (and should be) purchased on DVD.

    Like most of the characters I love the most, Melfi represents of moral dilemma. She’s a well-respected psychiatrist, but she’s treating a man constantly engaging in illegal activity who often reacts to her statements in violence. She would go through the rollercoaster of treating him, then ask him not to return, then, whether it was because she felt a professional obligation to Tony, her sense of curiosity or because she found herself really caring about him, accepting him as a patient again – a clear portrait of the moral dilemma in her mind. In the end, Dr. Melfi never went over to “the dark side”. She could’ve easily told Tony about her rapist and had the situation handled for her. She could’ve slept with Tony. She could’ve done anything she wanted and gotten anything she wanted.. but at what price? In the end, Melfi did the right thing – she cut ties with Tony and moved on with her life.

61. Andy Bernard – The Office

Played by: Ed Helms
Wanna watch?: The Office is airing in syndication on TBS and various FOX-owned stations. Seasons 1 – 4 can be purchased on DVD.

To be continued..


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