Top 100 TV Characters of All-Time: Series Five

60. David Healy – Roseanne

Played by: Johnny Galecki
Wanna watch?: Roseanne is currently airing re-runs on TV Land overnight. Also, all seasons are available on DVD, but let’s be honest, nothing past season 7 is really worth watching.

  • Being as I always saw myself as a Darlene-type personality, it would make sense that I had a huge crush on David. (I still do.) He was sweet, soft-spoken, caring and artistic.. Plus, he’s adorable. Honestly, if you could get David to care about sports, he’d be the perfect guy. To this day, I still find myself watching Johnny on The Big Bang Theory and thinking about how perfect we’d be together.. Okay, not realistically together, but if I lived in TV world we’d live happily ever after.

59. Turtle – Entourage

Played by: Jerry Ferrara
Wanna watch?: The 7th and final season of Entourage is currently airing on Sunday nights on HBO. You can catch re-runs of the first 6 seasons on Spike TV. Seasons 1 – 5 are currently available on DVD. Season 6 hits stores on July 21st.

  • Turtle is just one of the guys.. and that’s what makes me love him. Of all the Entourage crew, Turtle is the most relatable. He’s a guy from Queens whose friend got famous, so he basically rides his coat tails. Who among us wouldn’t? Of course, we’ve been watching Turtle for years and really seen him mature. As we open the final season, Turtle is finally earning money for himself by owning his own sexy taxi driver business. The good news is that the writers, while growing Turtle as a person, haven’t made him lose the essence of why we loved him the the first place. He may have some rough edges, but Turtle is a very sweet and loyal person.

58. Pam Beesly – The Office

Played by: Jenna Fischer
Wanna watch?: The Office is airing in syndication on TBS and various FOX-owned stations. Seasons 1 – 4 can be purchased on DVD.

  • I love me some Pama-lama-ding-dong. Unfortunately, she (like many of The Office characters) has had her personality changed since the beginning of the series. While the season six Pam has kind of faded into the background, seasons 1 – 3 Pam was one of my favorite TV females. She was sweet, fun-loving and compassionate. I loved the relationship she had with Jim.. she made a great sort of sidekick for him. They complimented one another. It bums me out that they’ve removed that part of her character now that they’re married. Also, in the first few seasons, Pam was really great with Michael. Sure, she would always pull pranks on him and what-not, but it was clear that she cared about him – now it just seems like she’s always got a case of “Pam-M-S.”
    All that to say, if I would’ve made this list three years ago, Pam would’ve been much higher. However, unless they somehow manage to really turn her into a jerk, Pamcasso will always be one of my favorites.

57. John “J.D.” Dorian – Scrubs

Played by: Zach Braff
Wanna watch?: Scrubs is in syndication on about 500 different networks, so I’m sure if you looked for it, you could find it. However, if you’d like to buy the series on DVD, you may. They’re all available.

  • J.D. is an kid trapped in a man’s body.. a weirdly attractive man’s body. While most of his childlike qualities are endearing, some are obnoxious and selfish. All in all though, J.D. is the kind of guy you wanna be friends with. He’s goofy, charming and sort of lost in his own reality, which we all need from time to time.

56. Olive Snook – Pushing Daisies

Played by: Kristin Chenoweth
Wanna watch?: Sadly, Pushing Daisies never made it through enough episodes to be syndicated. Luckily, both seasons are available on DVD and Blu Ray.

  • Olive may be the entry I’m most surprised by on my list. When I first started watching Pushing Daisies, I couldn’t stand her. That squeaky voice and the over-the-top personality.. I wanted to punch her in the face. But as I went through the series, she began to grow on me. I realized more and more that Olive and I had a lot in common – falling in love with someone who will never love you back, doing everything for him just to somehow feel close to him, wondering what’s so wrong with you that he’d choose someone else. I may have a hollow tin shell for a heart, but Olive’s story made me tear up on more than one occasion.
    Since empathizing with Olive’s character, I’ve done some research on Kristin Chenoweth and am very happy that she’s an Okie and a proud Thunder fan. I’m also super excited to see her in Promises, Promises on Broadway in less than a week!

55. Gemma Morrow – Sons of Anarchy

Played by: Katey Sagal
Wanna watch?: FX will begin season 3 of SoA in September. If you wanna catch up, season 1 is available on DVD and season 2 will go on sale in August.

  • When I first wrote down my list, Gemma was an afterthought. It took quite a bit of analyzation to come to the conclusion of how much I actually like her. The thing about Gemma is that she can be so brash, cruel and manipulative that it’s hard to like her. But, if you can take a step back from looking at her actions to looking at the motivations behind her actions, she becomes endearing in her own way. Gemma will take whatever actions she deems necessary to protect her family and, while some of them seem cold-hearted, they’re done out of love. I think a lot of us can misconstrue her actions because our mom’s help us by lending us some money or paying a bill – Gemma shows love by breaking someone’s jaw. We live in different worlds, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her family less than my mom loves ours. As pushy and conniving as she is, Gemma is possibly the strongest matriarch on TV.

54. Adriana La Cerva – The Sopranos

Played by: Drea de Matteo
Wanna watch?: The edited version of The Sopranos airs on A&E. All seasons of The Sopranos can be (and should be) purchased on DVD.

  • Adriana was a nice girl who, unfortunately, fell in love with the wrong guy. Despite Chrissy’s “outside activities” and abuse, Aid remained loyal to him. Heh.. loyal is a relative term in this case, I guess. She never stopped loving Chrissy, and even though she chose to be a rat, she did it because she truly believed it was in the best interest for him. In the end, Aid paid with her life, but it was clear that her betrayal cut the family deep. Everyone loved her – she was a sweet girl with a bright future and she was great for Christopher.

53. Salvatore ‘Big Pussy Bonpensiero – The Sopranos

Played by: Vincent Pastore
Wanna watch?: The edited version of The Sopranos airs on A&E. All seasons of The Sopranos can be (and should be) purchased on DVD.

  • When The Sopranos opens, we’re introduced to Big Pussy in the middle of his life. He’s a well-established, high ranking member in the family with a lot of potential. Through a series of flashbacks, we see that Pussy has done a lot of important work with Junior and the family, and is one of the main reasons Tony is in the position of power he has. He’s a proud husband, doting father, good solider.. and FBI informant. The more we learn about Big Puss, the more we grow to love him – just as the entire family does. We become sympathetic to him, seeing how he’s torn between his loyalty to the family and his will to survive. By the time Tony discovered that Pussy is the informant, we loved him just as much as Tony. Watching his death was absolutely heartbreaking.

52. Cory Matthews – Boy Meets World

Played by: Ben Savage
Wanna watch?: BMW is currently airing weekday mornings on ABC Family. Tragically, only seasons 1 – 3 are currently available on DVD and they’re out of print, making them super expensive. The good news is that a new company has bought the rights and have plans to re-release the first three seasons, as well as the final four seasons.

  • Finally, a Boy Meets World character! Truthfully, Cory started on my list at #79 and, after consideration, has received the biggest bump of anyone. Boy Meets World was my favorite show growing up. Beth and I watched it like it was our life. When I was young, I always liked Cory, but never as much as I liked Shawn. Watching them as an adult, I see that Cory really was the heart of the show. He was the glue that held everything together, and even though he was the straight character, Cory was really pretty hilarious. The thing I always gathered from him, even when I was little, was the power love can have on a person and how important it is to surround yourself with family and friends who genuinely care about you. Maybe that’s part of the reason Beth has been in my life for 18 years.. and maybe that’s why we’re still quoting BMW to this day. (Literally. She used the line, “My puddin’ trunk!” today at lunch.)

51. Shawn Hunter – Boy Meets World

Played by: Rider Strong
Wanna watch?: BMW is currently airing weekday mornings on ABC Family. Tragically, only seasons 1 – 3 are currently available on DVD and they’re out of print, making them super expensive. The good news is that a new company has bought the rights and have plans to re-release the first three seasons, as well as the final four seasons.

  • Shawn was always my favorite growing up. He was the bad boy with the sexy hair; He was funny and underachieving – everything a 13 year old girl is looking for. Watching it as an adult, I see that Shawn was always looking for excuses to not live up to his potential and, as a mate, would be a truckload of emotional baggage. I’d like to say that I’ve grown out of being attracted to guys like Shawn and am focused on finding a Cory, but let’s face it – Shawn was fun. He blew up a mailbox! Cory.. well, Cory has a celery poster. Nowadays when I watch Boy Meets World, I like Shawn and Cory pretty equally, but the 13 year old girl in me says Shawn is cuter, so he won first billing. Sorry, Mr. Matthews.

11 thoughts on “Top 100 TV Characters of All-Time: Series Five

  1. I agree a lot with what you say about Pam. Lately her and Jim have become really smug and unlikeable. They were much more likable characters in the first the seasons. Then again, the show itself was much better in those first three seasons.

    But… Boy meets world??

    1. I agree completely with The Office being much better in the first 3 seasons. Honestly, the decline of the show is making it really hard to rank my Office characters. They all would’ve been much higher if the show would’ve ended after season 3.

      And yes, Boy Meets World! It was my favorite show ever growing up! Everyone has ‘their’ show that holds a lot of nostalgia for them – BMW is mine. Have you ever watched it? Don’t knock it til you try it!

    1. Yesssss! That actually makes me really happy! I know 100 seems like a lot, but once you get into it, you’ll realize that you really could use a few more spots.
      Good luck to you! I look forward to reading it!

    1. Aww.. Thank you, Rachel! I have full intentions of finishing my list, even though it will be difficult now that some of my placements have changed.

      I’ve just been so busy helping to start a company that I haven’t been able to devote time to.. well, pretty much anything but that BUT I miss my blog and have already invested so much time into this series, I promise to finish it. 🙂

  2. wahhh i am sooo curious to see your top 50. i’ve been checking bi-weekly for over a year! won’t give up hope on this list yet!

    1. Oh wow! I’m flattered you’re so interested in my characters list! I do want to finish the list and have thought about it several times, but at this point I’ll have to redo my list as placements have changed and I’ve watched a lot more TV. Not saying that I won’t finish it, but I’ll be starting from square one. I’m making it my big project for next year!
      Thanks for checking back! Hearing that made my day. 🙂

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