Golden Globes LXVIII

I have no shame in admitting that in the past few years, I’ve found the Golden Globe nominees (and most other award show nominees as well) laughable. They, like the general public, are dumbing down their standards of what film should be. Gone are the days of character and performance driven masterpieces like The Godfather and absurd, but intelligent humor of classics like Young Frankenstein – Now we have mediocre, over-developed 3D and undeveloped storylines like Avatar and fart/fat guys falling over/crotch shot humor of movies like The Hangover.

Oops! My elitism is showing. I digress..
The Golden Globes didn’t manage to muff up everything last night. Since I started us off with such a sour note, let’s look at the good:

Katey Sagal managed to beat out heavy hitters Julianna Margulies of ‘The Good Wife’ and Elisabeth Moss of ‘Mad Men’ to secure the first win (and nomination) for under-appreciated FX drama ‘Sons of Anarchy’.
TV drama related categories have been arguably the toughest of all TV categories for the past few years, but with shows like ‘LOST’ ending, I’m hoping to see other over-looked dramas get their time to shine. With this win for the amazingly talented Katey Sagal, it looks like Sons may be able to move into the spotlight. . where it belongs.

While I was disappointed to see Eric Stonestreet of ‘Modern Family’ get passed over in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television category, I won’t complain too much about the win for Glee’s Chris Colfer. The kid has talent and I think his depiction of Kurt Hummel (who just missed my top 50 characters list)  has helped a lot kids going through the awkwardness of their teenage years (gay or straight) by letting them know it’s okay to be yourself.
However, someone from ‘Modern Family’ better take that award home next year. Better show, better writing, better performances.

Best Performace by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama
Best Television Series – Drama:
Steve Buscemi and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ respectively.
No complaint here. Granted, I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes of ‘Boardwalk Empire,’  but it is a quality program and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the series. I’ve always found Buscemi to be talented and am glad to see him get some props. Again, this is a sign that a new crop of shows are making their way into the TV drama category – Sorry, ‘Mad Men’ – and I’m excited about where these new series will go.

Toy Story 3 took home Best Animated Film –  Duh. Not even the Globes could mess this up. TS3 may even be the best movie of the year, IMHO.

The legendary Al Pacino snagged the Best Performance in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for his portrayal of Jack Kevorkian in HBO’s You Don’t Know Jack.. Yet another category that would constitute a  sin to mess up.
Aside from his current role as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice on Broadway, this is the best performance we’ve had the honor of witnessing from Al since 2004 in the film version of The Merchant of Venice. He’s still got it – In fact, he never lost it.
I’d marry him right now.

Newcomer Jim Parsons wins over the established Steve Carell and Alec Baldwin and Glee’s Matthew Morrison for Best Performance in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical.
Surprisingly, I think the right call was made here. While ‘The Big Bang Theory’ isn’t one of those shows I can’t miss, I can’t deny that it is consistently charming and entertaining.. and that is in no small part due to Jim’s role as Sheldon Cooper. Don’t get me wrong, I love Steve and Alec, but they’re not really delivering anything new at this point. To me, Jim is still fresh.

Thank God NOT Johnny Depp won Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. I know that sounds weird coming from me, but let’s be honest, he didn’t deserve it. He shouldn’t have been nominated for The Tourist.. maybe for Alice in Wonderland, but he definitely didn’t deserve a win. I love Johnny, I really do, but I feel like his nominations as of late have been critics making up that he didn’t get nominated for his previous works that he clearly deserved recognition for. I can’t let Johnny off that easily. As much as I want him to win, I want him to win for a performance that’s worthy of award (like Donnie Brasco or Blow). I know he has it in him, but now that he has moved on to blockbusters, I dunno if we’ll see it.
Oh, congrats to Paul Giamatti. I didn’t see Barney’s Version, but I’m sure he was great.

Another gimmie – Natalie Portman won Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama for The Black Swan. That was the right call.. annnnnd, yeah. That pretty much my whole opinion on that.

There is some hope left – The Kids Are All Right won Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical.  Every other nominee in this category was a joke. I have no idea how any of them got nominated except for it was just an absolutely pitiful year for movies. I’m so relieved the HFPA chose The Kids Are All Right.. It gives me a gleam of hope for the future of cinema.

Our stuttering king, Colin Firth locked up the Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama category for The King’s Speech. This was a tough category and I would’ve been happy with any of the nominees winning, really. However, I personally was pulling for Firth, so I was excited to see that the HFPA agreed.

In an anti-climatic finale, The Social Network received the Globe for Best Motion Picture – Drama. I think everyone knew this would win, and I can’t really complain. It was a solid movie. I just have a hard time loving movies whose lead characters come off as complete jerks with no depth. If I were to rank the nominees, The Social Network would’ve been my 4th or 5th choice, but again, I can’t complain too much. I gave it an 8.

Not everything was peaches and cream though – The Globes still had their missteps:

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky.. This saddened me. I normally love Mr. Gervais. Yeah, he’s a bit controversial, but all in all, I think people need to take themselves less seriously and just roll with the punches. However, he managed to tip that delicate balance funny and offensive too far the latter side. He wasn’t even through the opening monologue before you could feel the tension through the TV. I think the luscious RDJ hit it on the head, “Aside from the fact that it’s been hugely mean-spirited with mildly sinister undertones, I’d say the vibe of the show has been pretty good so far, wouldn’t you?”

I gave out an audible grunt of disappointment when Carlos was announced as the winner of the Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television over You Don’t Know Jack. Really HFPA?! You Don’t Know Jack would’ve been the best motion picture of the year is it were released to theaters.

Laura Linney wins Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical for her role in ‘The Big C’. Umm.. am I the only one that has never heard of this show?

Big shocker – ‘Glee‘ won Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical.  I’m not a ‘Glee’ hater – I really do think it’s a decent show, but better than ‘Modern Family’? Not even close.
The victory in itself reminded me of a scene in ‘Modern Family’ when Cam and Mitchell are trying to enroll Lily in preschool and feel they’ve got an advantage seeing as they’re a homosexual couple raising an Asian baby.. until disabled interracial lesbians show up with an African baby. That’s kind of what we have here. Critics love diversity, but a show that focuses 1/3 of its time on a gay couple raising a child simply can’t compete with awkward teens of all races, religions and sexualities singing inspirational songs.

My overall score for the 68th annual Golden Globes – C
While I clearly found that they did a lot of things right, I just can’t overlook some of the nominations – They’re inexcusable. Fortunately, the majority of the best talents won.

In other notes, Robert Downey Jr. was both hilarious and lovely.  🙂


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