The 10 Commandments for Thunder Fans

Thunder fans

1. Thou shalt have no other teams before the Thunder.

  • I know that we’re a “new” team and chances are that before the Thunder existed, you cheered for another NBA team. In no way am I saying that you should stop being a fan of the other team or that you shouldn’t cheer them on if they happen to play at the Thunderdome. All I’m saying is that it is never, ever okay to call yourself a Thunder fan and cheer against the Thunder. Period. If you feel the need to cheer on another team, cheer the Thunder as well.
    (Yes, this is directed at you, well-known Thunder/Warriors fan.)

2. Wear Thunder gear.

  • (Rich ladies in the expensive seats) I get it.. You want to look cute. Here’s the deal though, you’re at a basketball game, not a club. Any man worth having would think you looked hotter in a Thunder shirt. If you insist on wearing something to show off your *ahem* assets, modify your shirt – Cut it, tie it, whatever you have to do – just make sure it’s a Thunder shirt.

3. Thou shalt not yell at the Thunder players.

  • None of our players are perfect. During every game, each player will make at least one mistake. Do not yell at them! I know you may have been a basketball star in high school, but trust me, they know more about the game than you ever will. They do not need your criticism. If you insist on hurling insults to the floor (“Come on, KD! You gotta hit that shot!”, etc.) either prove that you’re a better player than them and have room to talk or stop calling yourself a fan.
    If someone came into your job and told you that you did something wrong when a.) you already knew that and b.) they wouldn’t have done it right either, wouldn’t you want to punch that person in the face? Yeah, you would.
    (On a side note: Breaking this commandment while in a relationship with me will result in relationship termination. It’s disrespectful. Be for the team or against them, you can’t do both.)

4. Thou shalt never let a season ticket go unused.

  • There are 41 home games. That’s a lot. Due to circumstances beyond our control, I know not every season ticket holder can make it to every game. However, there is always someone who wants to go to the game. If you can’t make it, ask around. Put the word out on your Facebook or Twitter. List them on Craigslist. Hand them to a random person at the store. Do whatever you have to do to find someone who wants to go. Having Thunder tickets is a privilege. Not using them is wasteful. Plus, you could be missing out on the opportunity to bless someone’s day.

5. Honor your coach.

  • I don’t know if fans have forgotten what a Godsend Scott Brooks was to us when he came over in 2008, but we were pretty lousy before he stepped in. I mean, he was named coach of the year last season – the least we can do is cheer for the guy when he’s mentioned at the end of player intros. Show some respect. No matter what you think about some of the decisions he’s made, the bottom line is that he’s had a huge role in getting us where we are and that deserves some applause.

6. Thou shalt not talk through games.

  • If you’re going to a Thunder game because it’s a fun social event, don’t talk through the entire game about asinine things and ruin it for the Thunder fan you came with. If you wanna go with a friend who is equally as uninterested as you are in the game, then talk away. But as a fan, it sucks to constantly be distracted because someone is asking you if you saw a certain movie or where you bought your new lamp while you’re trying to focus on the court.

7. Thou shalt not get up more than twice during the game.

  • There is no reason to get up more than twice during a game. Food and bathroom – that’s it. If you have to get up to do either of those things more than once, you have a problem and should see a doctor. Also, please try to schedule your food and bathroom breaks in between quarters.

8. Thou shalt respect your neighbor’s space.

  • The seats in Loud City are not spacious. It gets a little better the further down your seats are, but this is an important commandment no matter where you’re sitting in the Thunderdome.
    Refrain from – spreading your legs apart as far as you possible can, spilling you beer (or other beverage, but it’s almost always beer), releasing flatulence,  incessantly clapping your Thunder sticks into the ear of the person in front of you because you like the way it sounds, hitting the person in front of you with rally towels, Thunder sticks or feet.. just respect other people’s space. You’re not at your house, don’t act like you own the place.

9. Thou shalt never leave a game early.

  • I do not care how far ahead or behind we are, it is not okay to leave the game before the final buzzer sounds (with the exception of some sort of emergency).
    First of all, you never know what is going to happen.. Isn’t that right, fans who left the game against the Wizards? If you care about getting out of your parking space more than the outcome of the game, why even come?
    Secondly, how would you feel if someone came to see you perform but left before the end because they were more concerned about traffic than seeing you all the way through? That’d be pretty offensive to me. If I’m a Thunder player, it’s even more hurtful to see people leave during an apparent loss. Which leads to the 10th commandment..

10. Stand with the Thunder, no matter what.

  • If you are a true Thunder fan, you back this team no matter what – win or lose, whether KD (or any other player) is on or off – you’re there for the team. Admittedly, as fans we’ve seen some frustrating games, but that’s gonna happen.
    You should never speak ill of the Thunder or it’s players.
    Never hurtfully criticize.
    Always remain optimistic.
    Believe in your team and the talent we have.
    Encourage the players when you see them around town.. or leave them a message on Twitter or Facebook.
    Treat them as you would want to be treated. After all, these guys aren’t just players, they’re human beings.

Rise together.

21 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments for Thunder Fans

    1. Thank you, Traci! It really frustrates me that chicks are more interested in looking cute than being part of the “sea of blue” during the playoffs.

  1. How about, don’t freak out when the people in front of you stand up at a PLAYOFF game! The girls in front of me on Sunday threw a fit every time people stood up and it was ridiculous. It’s PLAYOFF BASKETBALL! If you don’t want to get rowdy and be a part of the home court advantage, stay home and watch it on your couch. Or just look up at the dang video board. People like this make me insane! Go home and be too lazy to stand up, it’s not that hard.

    1. This is a great addition! I didn’t have anyone get upset with me, but I did find myself sitting down much sooner than I preferred because the people behind me obviously didn’t want to stand, even though most of the arena was still standing. They never would’ve made it through last year when we stood for the entire 4th quarter.

  2. Thanks for #s 3 and 8! I was with a group of friends (they really shouldn’t be called that after this) and they all ushered me out of the stadium once we had wrapped the game up in the last 3 minutes. 3 minutes and we could have cheered the for a win instead we cheered for points and left once the suspense is over. Why were there exactly? I love these players and really enjoy watching the backups get some rub.

    1. Oh man, that would’ve sucked! I’ve made a rule to only go to games with people I know actually care about the game.
      Glad to hear that you always stay though! I feel the same way about watching the backups play.

  3. Found this from a Daily Thunder link! Number 9 is my favorite and pertains to every sport I go to. I always make sure people know I will not be leaving the game early NO MATTER WHAT!
    The people leaving early during a loss make me even madder than anything. Come on people, support your team or stay home!

    1. I completely agree! I’m also a big Dallas Cowboys fan and it irritates me so much to see people leave in the 4th!
      I actually saw a few people leave game 1 with 8 minutes left in the game! Why even come?! Playoff tickets are very hard to get. Those tickets could’ve gone to someone who actually cared about the game. I flipped them off in my mind (after all, it is a family event). 🙂
      And I’m glad it makes you madder when they leave during a loss – I’m the same way. So you’re a fan when they’re winning, but you won’t support them during a loss? Sad.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Great stuff, especially the last 2. I do break number #7 because I have a 2 year old son who needs to stretch his legs, I try to do this during breaks but I do miss a little of the game sometimes. However, the investment of creating a little Thunder fan should payoff down the road.

    1. Haha! I will admit that #7 is exaggerated. I know there are times when you need to get up for other things. My biggest beef is people who get up a ridiculous amount of times.(And none of them have children with them!) It’s been a big enough problem for us that we actually chose seats in the middle of the row next season to cut down on the amount of times people get up.
      At one game this season, we had a guy that got up no less than 18 times. Hand to heaven. Why would you even come to the game? He obviously didn’t see much of it.
      Your reasoning is understandable and it’s good to hear you’re raising your son right!

      Thanks for reading, Seth!

  5. Wow, I’m notable enough to have a commandment (the first one, at that) dedicated to me! I’m honored.

    But I respectfully disagree with your commandment. I don’t have some huge, rational, impassioned response to give you. This is sports, after all. All I can say is that I’ve never been one to cheer for two teams at once. It just takes the whole fun out of the experience for me. I’m not one of those super-macho guys who only cares about winning and doesn’t care who gets trampled in my wake. Rather, I’m just there to do anything I can to cheer on my team, and if they lose, than whatever, it’s all smiles. So, in my mind, I have to pick a favourite. And, unfortunately for the Thunder, the Warriors are my favourite team. And they always will be. I grew up with the Warriors, I’ve represented them in front of hostile crowds, and I’ve met good friends through my fandom. To make it clear, I absolutely love the Thunder, but they just don’t have the same culture, aura, and memories the Warriors do.

    So while some might consider it betraying the Thunder to cheer against them, I just consider it being loyal to my original team. And, I have to admit, it is a little bit fun being the most hated man in the arena twice a year.

    I also disagree with portions of #10….just because I don’t think fans must be eternally optimistic. Sometimes, you’ve just got to be real. But, that’s just another difference in opinion.

    All in all, I follow 8.5 of the ten commandments….so I’d consider that pretty good. Heh. Solid B.

  6. Dude, I’m so glad you commented on this!

    First off, thanks for being cool about it even though I wrote a commandment specifically aimed at you. 🙂

    Secondly, I can see your point, but I still stick by my commandment. I didn’t have any loyalty to another NBA team when the Thunder moved to OKC, but I do wonder how I would react if Oklahoma got an NFL team. I feel the same way about the Cowboys that you do about the Warriors, so I understand. But, while I completely respect you staying loyal to your childhood team, I just don’t think I could ever cheer against an Oklahoma NFL team, even if they were playing the Cowboys. I’d either have to cheer for both, or not cheer at all. Maybe it wouldn’t be as fun as it would be to be able to pick a side, but I couldn’t do it.
    I guess it’s an agree to disagree here. Just know that I enjoy your energy when the Thunder is playing anyone but the Warriors.. And when we are playing the Warriors, I hate your guts. 🙂

    As for #10, I agree that fans should be realistic. All this business with people talking like the series with the Nuggets is a given scares me. However, I do think we’ll win (but we’ll have to work for it) and I know we’re going to get better each season. That’s what I mean by being optimistic.

    8.5 ain’t to shabby, Zorgon. I’ll give you a B+ for being a good sport.

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