Top 10 TV Dudes I’d Marry

Please note that this list is based on the full package – Looks, personality, humor, intelligence and an X-factor. Each contestant will be judged on a scale of 1 -10 in each of these 5 categories.

10. Jack Shepherd 

Show: LOST
Portrayed by: Matthew Fox

Looks: 7
Personality: 7
Humor: 5
Intelligence: 10
X-Factor: 5 
Total score: 34

  • Definitely not the best guy to be in a relationship with, but it was clear to me that if Jack loved you, he’d do anything for you. For all his flaws, I felt like Jack was  a genuinely good person. Due to his personal issues, I don’t think Jack could ever be happy and we would end up divorcing, but that doesn’t mean I think that he would ever stop loving me.

9. Jax Teller

Show: Sons of Anarchy
Portrayed by: Charlie Hunnam

Looks: 9
Personality: 7
Humor: 5
Intelligence: 8
X-Factor: 9
Total score:  38

  •  Every woman is looking for the bad boy with a heart of gold and Jax is the closest TV version I’ve found meeting that description. He loves his family and will do anything to protect them, he’s arguably the most intelligent member of SAMCRO and, let’s face it, he’s flippin’ hot. Sure, he’s got that whole motorcycle gang/criminal thing going on, but if I could manage to not get killed in some sort of retaliation act, I think we could be happy together.

8. Vincent Chase
Show: Entourage
Portrayed by: Adrian Grenier

Looks: 9
Personality: 9
Humor: 7
Intelligence: 7
X-Factor: 7
Total score: 39

  • Had season 7 not happened, Vinny probably would’ve been a few notches higher on my list. I love how laid back he’s always been. How caring, generous and loyal he is to his friends.. Oh, and he loves his mom. Major points for that. Personality-wise, I feel like I’m a lot like Vince. We would have to work on that whorishness thing he’s got going on though..

7. John “J.D.” Dorian
Show: Scrubs
Portrayed by: Zach Braff

Looks: 7
Personality: 8
Humor: 10
Intelligence: 8
X-Factor: 8
Total score:  41

  •  JD is a goofy, lanky, awkward little guy.. which is exactly why I like him so much. He may suck with commitment and be a little needy, but I know he could always make me laugh – VERY important!

6. Ned

Show: Pushing Daisies
Portrayed by: Lee Pace

Looks: 7
Personality: 9
Humor: 8
Intelligence: 9
X-Factor: 8
Total score: 41

  •  Yet another really awkward, kinda nerdy guy.. They’re all just so sweet though! What I love most about Ned is his romance with Chuck. It’s one of the most pure portrayals of love I’m seen on TV.. Of course, with my luck, I’d be Olive.

5. David Healy

Show: Roseanne
Portrayed by: Johnny Galecki

Looks: 7
Personality: 9
Humor: 8
Intelligence: 7
X-Factor: 10
Total score: 41 

  • I’ve had a crush on little poodle-haired David since I was a pre-teen. He was just so adorable and sweet! He was the perfect contrast to the Conner family.. So soft spoken and artistic. He loved Darlene completely and considering I think of Darlene as my TV equivalent, I imagine he’d love me the same way.

4. Cary Agos

Show: The Good Wife
Portrayed by: Matt Czuchry

Looks: 9
Personality: 8
Humor: 7
Intelligence: 10
X-Factor: 9
Total score: 43

  • I’m frankly a little confused as to why I like Cary so much. I’ve gone back and forth several times time on whether he’s a good guy or someone I should punch in the face. The conclusion I’ve come to is this: While he’s a little arrogant, he’s really a decent person. He’s a lawyer for the right reasons.. and he’s good at it. Beneath his douchy exterior, he’s very sweet. Plus, I find myself ridiculously attracted to him even though he’s not at all my type.

3. Jemaine and Bret

Show: Flight of the Conchords
Portrayed by: Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie

Looks: 8
Personality: 10
Humor: 10
Intelligence: 5
X-Factor: 10
Total score: 43

  • Yes, for this to work it would have to be a man-man-lady threesome which, as we all know, would be uncomfortable for them.. but I think we could make it work. They’re hilarious, naive musicians with accents. I’m still a little shocked they’re not #1. There’s really not much that can top that combination.

2. Jim Halpert

Show: The Office
Portrayed by: John Krasinski

Looks: 7
Personality: 10
Humor: 10
Intelligence: 9
X-Factor: 8
Total score: 44

  •  Which of you female Office viewers hasn’t at least contemplated the idea of marrying Jim Halpert? Not you? LIAR! Jim is the perfect man. Funny, smart, loyal, sweet, considerate, loving, hard-working and confident. If I found a real life equivalent to Jim, I’d be instantly smitten.

1. Dean Winchester

Show: Supernatural
Portrayed by: Jensen Ackles

Looks: 10
Personality: 9
Humor: 10
Intelligence: 8
X-Factor: 10
Total score:  47

  • What the flip? Dean Winchester just beat out the perfect man, Jim Halpert?! Yes, he did. And do you know why? Because I’m shallow.  Dean is crazy hot. But, like I mentioned before, this isn’t a sexiest TV hunks list, it’s a full package list. Dean remains on top for several reasons.
    Looks: 10 – Duh. Look at the guy! Sure, he’s not the hottest guy out there, but he’s pretty ridiculously dang sexy.
    Personality: 9 – He gets riled up over a lot of things I’d let go, but I appreciate his gusto.
    Humor: 10 – What’s in the box?!. PUDDING!. I’m Batman. The Dean Scream.
    Intelligence: 8  – Well this kind of depends.. If I have some sort of spirit or demon chasing me, I’m calling Dean first. If I want to know who was the 13th President, I’m calling Sam.
    X-Factor: In Dean’s case, this means many things.. Despite his career, we’ve seen if Dean was allowed to live a normal life, he’d be a great father and husband and a hard worker. The x-factor also includes the fact that family means so much to him – It’s his one weakness. Then, of course, there’s his taste in music. As a DJ as at classic rock station, I fully approve. And honestly, he kicks ass. There’s not a whole lot of things sexier than that.

258 thoughts on “Top 10 TV Dudes I’d Marry

  1. Haha. Awesome list. I’m pretty sure Jack, Jax, Jemaine and Bret, Vincent, Jim, and, no doubt, Dean would all make my list. Most of them would probably finish higher than any women on TV I’d wanna marry (with apologies to the Modern Family women). I love the scoring system, and I don’t really disagree with any of them. I’m probably most glad that Jack made the list, only because I knew all the others would make your list. I knew either Dean or Jim would be your #1. The only surprise at all was The Good Wife dude. Wow, did not see that one coming. Really looking forward to watching that show past episode 1.

    1. Thank ya, thank ya. I was pretty happy with my scoring system as well. It even made it interesting to me once I added things up. I wouldn’t have guessed Cary would’ve been that high, but YES! You need to catch up on The Good Wife stat! I need someone to talk to about it.

    1. I considered Sawyer, but I went with Jack because I felt like he was the most static character in the show and by the end I really felt connected to him. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sawyer but as far as marriage is concerned, I had to go with Jack.

  2. Jemaine and Bret?! Yes yes yes! I would marry both of them as well. After all, Jemaine is very talented, but his features are too deep-set to be considered classically handsome.

    I’d marry Bret because, every day, I could say to him “I like your beard”.

    Great post! 🙂

    1. I’m mildly obsessed with Bret and Jemaine.. Seriously. I want that picture Mel painted of them to hang in my living room.

      I actually prefer Jemaine over Bret. It must be his “ogre that works in the library” sense of style. Of course, Bret is pretty freaky.. I couldn’t decide so I had to go for both.

      It’s always great to hear from other FotC fans. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      1. You may be mildly obsessed, but I am crazy obsessed. I can quote every episode, line by line…yes, I’m that kinda crazy. 😉

        It’s funny that you’d pick Jemaine over Bret because I would too. Bret wears too many wolf/horse sweatshirts… for some reason, I prefer Jemaine’s bell-bottoms.

        So glad to have another FotC fan in the blogosphere! 😀

        1. Okay.. I’m more than mildly obsessed. I’ve been to 3 of their concerts, have all their albums, my friend drew me an awesome picture of Bret which is now hanging in my room, I framed their John Lennon/Yoko picture and it’s in my bathroom and can also quote all the episodes. So yeah.. I’m definitely crazy as well. 🙂

            1. Another Conchords fan here – so glad to see them getting some appreciation! It’s Bret for me every time, bless him. 🙂 Although, come to think of it, Murray could do with the love of a good woman….

              1. Have to join in the Chonchord love – they’re great, and frequently over-looked in ‘top ten guys’ type lists. Nice to find other fans!

                I was thinking about it, and I don’t think I could choose either – Bret is more classically good looking, but Jemaine has that cute gap in his teeth (and dresses better!); and they’re both just so sweet and endearing. And musical. That’s important in my book!

  3. Near-perfect list! I’d love to add one from a little-known (but personally much loved) short-term sitcom character: Ted from Better Off Ted.
    Looks: 9
    Personality: 9
    Humor: 10
    Intelligence 9
    X-factor 8.

    (Can you tell I love love LOVE him?)

    Thanks for the inspiratioin…


    1. I’ve actually never seen Better Off Ted, but seeing your ratings makes me want to check it out!

      Thanks for reading and joining in on my rating fun!

    1. Thank you! I was actually surprised that the majority of men I picked aren’t crazy hot. Of course, none of them are ugly, but there are some average looking guys on there. I guess personalities make a huge difference.

      And thanks! I never thought I would’ve been picked for FP, but it’s really, really awesome! It made my day!

  4. Okay, I love your concept here but I can’t follow how Jensen Ackles outranks Jim, Jemaine and Bret. You’ll have to let us know if any of the gentlemen you’ve mentioned bite.

    1. The top 3 were really had for me to pick. Really, any of them could’ve been #1 which is why I had to come up with the rating system.
      I LOVE Bret and Jemaine.. So much so that a friend actually drew me a picture of Bret that’s now hanging in my room. Yeah, it’s a little creepy, but I’m okay with it. 🙂
      And like I said, Jim is the perfect man.
      It was a really hard decision. If I had it my way, I’d just marry everyone in the top 3.

    1. WHOA!

      Joey is a good pick. He was very sweet, funny and fun.. but yeah. Not the smartest guy. 🙂
      Have you seen previews for the new season of his show on ABC Family? I’m so glad he decided to grow his hair back. Not that he didn’t still look good without it, but I definitely like him better with hair.

  5. This post is so up my alley – sweet! I had drafted something with a similar rating system (in the vein of ‘they’re getting hotter’), but this is much better! John Krasinski gets my vote, but Adrian Grenier was up there for a while, too! Great post!

    1. Haha! Thank you! Jim is really the perfect man.. Even I was a little surprised when I added up the numbers and he wasn’t #1. And Vince is cute and fun, but I don’t know how good of marriage material he’d make.. I’d be willing to find out though. 🙂

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone! They may not be the most attractive dudes, but they’re SO funny! I adore them!

      Thanks for reading!

    1. Jim really is the perfect man and I was surprised he wasn’t my #1, honestly. The points system put Dean at the top, but I’m sure being with someone that hot would give me a complex as well. Good call! 🙂

  6. Well I was debating your list until I saw Dean as #1 🙂 which I totally agree with lol. Hes really hot and exciting, and honestly, I think he could be classified as one of the hottest guys out there.. ahhhh deaan. lol

    1. Every lady loves Dean. I knew no one would argue me on that pick.. So hot!
      Who else would’ve made your list?

    1. Of course they are! I’ve seen them in concert 3 times and they’re fantastic! I know you can’t really tell, but they really are very talented musicians.. especially Bret.

    1. Thank you! I actually did some research to find out what women think the most important attributes of a man are and went off those.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

  7. Oh. David Healy. Sigh. Had totally forgotten about that one but yeah, had a major crush, too. But it must have something to do with Johnny Galecki since I really like him in The Big Bang Theory as well. It’s the poodle hair!

    1. Same here! I don’t know what it is about Johnny, but I absolutely adore him. He’s just so nerdy and awkward, but it’s so endearing! I love him on Big Bang as well, but I decided to go with David since I fell in love with him first. 🙂

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to slap Cary, but there really is something about him that’s crazy sexy to me. We’ll see what happens next season.. I might lose that attraction.

    1. You know, I loved Prison Break for the first couple seasons and I had a massive crush on Wentworth, but once the show started going downhill, so did my crush. He is really attractive though.. and obviously smart. So, although he didn’t make my list, I still think he’s a good pick!

    1. I was waiting for someone to bring this up! I know by all normal standards of hotness that Matthew Fox is a minimum of a 9, but he’s just never did anything for me. I recognize that he’s handsome, but he’s just not my type.. kinda like Jon Hamm.
      *runs for cover*

    1. I considered Sawyer, but Jack was always my guy. Honestly, now that I’m thinking about it, I should’ve listed Charlie! Doh!

      I tried my hardest to watch BSG, but could never get into it. I think it has something to do with all the sci-fi I was forced to watch as a child.

      1. Ah, it’s ok. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so to speak. It’s personally my number one show of all time, simply because it dared to do what nothing else would. And everything worked: story, music, characters, action. Everything was so above top-notch.

  8. What!?!? Jack from Lost was #10? Not in my surreal, other-worldly world. I’d get Lost with Jack in a heartbeat. That photo alone makes me want to lick my laptop. Wait…did I say that out loud?

    Loved your list and your approach. Well played and very entertaining. Best wishes for running Dean down. If he goes missing, I know nothing!

    1. I know, I know.. I’m surprised more people aren’t in an uproar about Jack’s low placement. I really love him, I’m just not sure how a marriage would work with him. I probably over thought things a bit. 🙂

      And thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I’ll let you know if I track down Dean. *fingers crossed* Haha!

  9. Cary Agos, I thought I was the only one that confused about how I felt about him. I love to hate that boy. He’s cocky and so very good at his job that it’s so hot. I agree, great picks!

    1. I glad we can agree on Cary! I was hating him quite a bit at the end of season 1, but seeing how he was with Kalinda in season 2 redeemed my faith in him. We’ll see what happens next season!

      Thanks for reading!

  10. LOL, I love this. I have been a HUGE Jensen Ackles fan since he was on Days of Our Lives a gazillion years ago. During that time, my biggest heart throbs were Jensen Ackles and Blaine Wilson (U.S. gymnist – YUM) while all of my friends were into the Backstreet Boys, Leonardo Dicaprio, etc… I had no interest in those guys. Jensen has my heart. He’s just a beautiful man. And I am a huge fan of Jermaine and Brett – Business Time is one of the funniest songs of all time. So what if they could both us a little work in the looks department? Looks aren’t everything!

    My main addition to this list would be Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. He’s the PERFECT guy – smart, cute, TALL, funny…. If I meet a Marshall, I’m snapping him up, stat.

    1. It’s really cool that you’ve been a Jensen fan for so long. I just started watching Supernatural a couple years ago, but since then I’ll watch anything he’s attached to. Dean is such a fantastic character and Jensen himself seems like a really sweet, fun-loving guy. What’s not to love?

      Unfortunately, I’ve only seen a few episodes on How I Met Your Mother, so I can’t judge on Marshall. It’s on my list of things to watch though!

  11. i would totally marry Jack…i fell in love with him right from the beginning. good choices! I would go with either Jack or Ned.

    1. That’s what I loved about Jack – He stayed the same the entire series. They took the focus off him for a bit, but he was always our hero and he was always the same Jack we saw rescuing people from the very beginning. What a great character!

      I’m glad you know who Ned is! I was so upset they didn’t continue Pushing Daisies. It was such a good show and Ned was incredibly sweet. I wanted to hug him.

  12. I looked for Halpert first. He’s the one of the most attractive, marriageable men ever committed to fiction, and you just can’t stop watching him. If the show ever ends, it’ll feel like somebody has died.

    GREAT list. First thing I’ve enjoyed on FP in a few weeks. 🙂

    1. Jim is fantastic – the perfect man, no doubt. I was kind of surprised he wasn’t #1 when I counted things up. I adore him.

      And thank you so much! That’s a huge compliment!

    1. I decided this should be a TV character list only. If I got into movie characters, things would’ve been crazy hard to decide.

    1. As much as I’d try to keep my cool, I’m pretty sure I’d fangirlsquee over Dean as well.

      And yeah, I love Galecki in general. If David didn’t make the list, Leonard would have.

  13. Jim Halpert is my #1…i did a marathon of the seasons a few weeks back because I never saw how it started…half way through I realized i wanted a man just like him.

    Ned is my #2. I miss Pushing Daisies!

    1. I’m glad you’re all caught up on The Office. It’s a great series. The think that sold me on Jim was the whole “your yogurt is expired” thing. That was so sweet!

      And yay! Another Pushing Daisies fan! I loved that show. I still pull out the DVDs about once every 3 months and watch a few episodes.

  14. Yum! Nice list! Jack Shepard & Jim Halpert would definitely be on my list too.. 🙂
    I’d probably also have… Will Schuester (Glee), and Sam Merlotte (True Blood) on there somewhere too 😛

    1. Will and Sam are great picks! If I would’ve done a top 15 or 20, I’m sure they both would’ve made it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post! Thanks for reading!

  15. oh dean…YUM. i’ve loved jensen since his stint on days of our lives. a fun list, but i would add chuck bartowski…but then i love my nerd-boys. he’s cute, sweet, funny, loyal, and oh, cute again. plus he’s wicked smart and used to know kung fu.

    and i can’t forget captain mal reynolds (from the short-lived series firefly). i love him for many of the same reasons i love chuck, but the A number one reason would be he was created by joss whedon. and (almost) anything he creates is golden.

    1. Another long-time Jensen fan – I love it!

      I haven’t ever watched Chuck, but I’ve been told that I’d like it. I guess I should check it out.

      I’ve also been told that I’d like Firefly, but I have something against sci-fi after being forced to watch so much of it as a child. 🙂

    1. I’ve never watched Bones, but if that’s David Boreanaz’s character, he most likely would’ve made a top 10 Tv hotties list! I’ve liked him since I saw him in Buffy.

  16. I would have to put Jim Halpert at the top of the list. I prefer Johnny Galecki’s Leonard (Big Bang) to David. Leonard is sweet, caring, and sensitive. Plus anyone who can put up with Sheldon is a saint. And Rick Castle would definitely make my list. Your list is good, though.

    1. A lot of people have said Jim would be their #1 and I can’t argue with that. He’s fantastic. And Leonard actually would’ve made the list, but I’ve had a crush of David since I was little so I couldn’t leave him out.
      I haven’t watched Castle, but I hear good things! I might have to check it out!

    1. I thought about Sawyer, but I wanted to limit it to one character per show so there was plenty of variety. Jack just barely beat out Sawyer. I loved his nicknames for everyone! He could’ve made it based on that and his abs alone. 😉

  17. What about Matthew Fox from his “Party of Five” days? I think his Looks should be adjusted upwards +3 for a total of 10 when you factor in his “Party of Five” Looks score of 15 🙂 (I’m still in love with Charlie, if you can’t tell!)

    1. Haha! I’m surprised that more people haven’t got onto me about my looks rating for him. I know that he’s a very handsome guy, but he’s just not my personal type. I tend to like more effeminate men.
      Weird, I know.

    1. I’ve only caught a couple episodes of Smallville, but Tom Welling isn’t bad to look at!

      I’m glad you liked my list! Thanks for reading!

    1. Thank you! Had I used deliciousness as a category, I’m sure Dean still would’ve been #1. His deliciousness is off the charts! 🙂

  18. I’m a little dissapointed that there is no Mc Steamy here from Grey’s Anatomy. ALSO how did you rather their intelligence? ha ha do you know them or is it based on their characters? cute topic!

    1. I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy, so McSteamy didn’t get a fair shot.

      I ranked the intelligence of what I’ve gathered from their character. Some of them are well educated, but not the smartest when it comes to real life (like JD in Scrubs). Some haven’t been educated, but are still very smart and some have the full package. I just rated it on my own scale.

      Thanks for reading!

  19. I’m so behind in my pop culture studies. I had No Idea who any of these people were. Maybe I spend too much time reading.

    1. Haha! There’s nothing wrong with reading, but you should check out a few shows. There are a ton of good ones out there right now!

  20. Just a little grammar – it’s pOncho, not pAncho. Pancho is a name (nickname actually), poncho is the item.

    1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I never noticed that! I made the banner with it spelt correctly, so I never paid attention to how it was actually listed on here. How embarrassing! Thank you for bringing that to my attention! If I had a prize, you’d be the winner! 🙂

  21. I love this list, and now I’m a Dean fan. I just liked the fact that he asked what after he screamed like a little girl when a cat popped out. And I love Ned, I mean, I looouuuurrrrvvvve him. 😀

    1. I’m glad that won you over on Dean. He’s so funny! Have you ever watched Supernatural?
      And yes, Ned. LOOOOOVE!

      1. No I haven’t yet, I’ll have to find a way to stream it. It’s funny because I love those sort of science fiction (sorry couldn’t come up with a better genre title) shows. I think I didn’t have a chance when it first came on, and then it felt funny to start watching midway.

  22. “If I have some sort of spirit or demon chasing me, I’m calling Dean first. If I want to know who was the 13th President, I’m calling Sam.”–LOL! I’m with you!

    Love ’em both–Dean? Sam? Tough decision (although Sam’s not on your list). I’d marry either one. Fun topic!

    1. I love Sam as well. Honestly, I find him more attractive than Dean, but personality-wise, Dean is just a much better fit for me which is why he made the list over Sam. However, I’d marry either one of them in a heartbeat.

      I’m glad you liked my post! Thanks for reading!

  23. Do you think there is the possibility that any of these guys are emotionally available for a relationship with anyone? Of course, I could be wrong! But, my guess is that ‘ego transformation’ would one of the things you might want to see happen before you marry any actor. And, many actors/entertainers are not up to that!
    Good luck!

    1. Well, I don’t plan on marrying any of these guys.. Heck, half of the actors are already married. And I wasn’t referring to the actors, just the characters they play on TV.
      It was just a fun little list that I decided to make.. I’m actually not even looking to be in a relationship right now. I’m too busy. 🙂

    1. Everyone loves Jim!

      And no, I didn’t consider Hank. I watched the first couple seasons of Californication, but haven’t caught up completely yet. While I think Hank is hot (I’ve liked David since X-Files), he’s really not marriage material.. Unless there’s something I haven’t seen yet. Would you marry him?

    1. I totally understand. I couldn’t decide between the two of them, which is why I came up with the rating system. If Dean wasn’t so dang sexy, Jim would’ve won. 🙂

  24. I found this very entertaining. Thank you. I also believe I married my real-life version of Jim Halpert, and that made me smile. Believe it or not, we met at the office! Also, I feel you on the nerdy, funny guy thing, and number 1 — he’s hot!

  25. hahaha I loved this. It made my day. I just posted my top foods of the week, but I definitely think that top 10 tv dudes to marry is better. 😉 yea!

  26. 10, 6, and 2. MOST DEFINITELY 1. Dean Winchester. I’ll take either Winchester brother. Sam (Jared Padalicky, born here in San Antonio, TX) But Dean…he really is HOTT!!! Great post and congrats on FP. :0)

    1. You really can’t go wrong wrong with either Winchester.. or their Dad.. or Castiel. That show has got some nice eye candy going on. 🙂

      And thank you! I was shocked to make it!

    1. I loved Jack.. I really did. I’ve defended him on several occasions, but as far as marrying him.. Ehh. I don’t know how good we’d be together. Still, he’s one of my favorite TV characters of all-time!

  27. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on freshly pressed. I watch The Big Bang Theory, so I laughed a little when I saw a very young John Galecki on your list. Also, I love Matt Czuchry, all though I know him from Gilmore Girls as opposed to The Good Wife.

    1. Wow! That’s a big compliment! Thank you!

      I love Johnny in The Big Bang Theory as well. If I hadn’t fallen for David first, Leonard would’ve made my list. I just figured if Johnny took up two spots in the top 10, I’d look a little obsessed. 🙂
      I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls and completely forgot he was in it. You saying that makes me want to go watch it though. 🙂

  28. Cary is definitely a good choice. Make sure to check out the new series Suits (I’ve only seen the pilot so far) the two main characters would definitely make the list!

    1. You should! There are a ton of great shows out right now. My current favorites are Sons of Anarchy and Modern Family. 🙂

    1. Ashton Kutcher in what? I liked The 70’s Show, but I definitely wouldn’t want to marry Kelso. 😉

  29. Fab! This reminds me so much of the ‘Top 10 Men’ my pen friend and I used to compile when we were teens. I think Corey Haim and Johnny Depp used to frequent the top spot back then. Actually Johnny Depp would most definitely be on the list today.

    However, we clearly have different tastes in men (apart from Matthew Fox!!). My list would probably include Jack Bauer – 24, Spartacus – Spartacus: Blood & Sand & Jason Stackhouse – True Blood. And looking at that list it seems I spend most of my time watching extreme violence. I just really like men!

    Great read and congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    1. Our tastes aren’t completely different – Johnny is beautiful! 🙂

      But yeah, Jack Bauer and Spartacus do nothing for me. Jason Stackhouse is pretty easy on the eyes, he’s just so stupid! I could never marry him. I think if I were picking from True Blood, I’d go with Sam. 🙂

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it!

    1. Yay! A Roseanne fan! I think Mark was cute, but he wasn’t too bright. I’ve gotta have someone smarter than that. Who would be on your list?

  30. ha! Ok, found you on the WP homepage and this is a FUN post. I think you forgot to mention that Dean can also quote any movie and he’s really clever at coming up with fake FBI detective names. That’s GOT to give him some points, no?

    And you’re right, Jim is the perfect guy. But I’d bulldoze his ass to get to Dean.

    Oh, and Jack should be an 8 on the looks scale. Just sayin’. I’ve met him in person and…YUM.

    1. Oh my gosh! I did forget about Dean’s movie knowledge and his awesome detective names.. and his car! Fail. Those things definitely would add points!

      Yes, Jim is sweet, but Dean is just SO sexy. Jim can’t compete with that.

      And I know most people would’ve rated Jack higher, he’s just not my taste.. Maybe if I saw him in person..

      Thanks for reading!

  31. Wow! great post! I’ve been rating guys lately (and it makes grin) hahaha but this one is awesome. If I had to choose, I would have Jim Halpert! perfect! my kind of guy… hehehe

    1. Thnak you!
      Rating guys is fun.. I pass a lot of time doing it. Haha! And yes, Jim is great – Pretty much the perfect guy. 🙂

    1. I agree that they are musical geniuses, but the appeal of their characters was that they were so naive, so I couldn’t give them too high of an intelligence rating.

      I’m glad you liked the post! Thank you for reading!

  32. I have to say my first response to seeing this with my man Jack’s pic was total outrage…WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? HE IS MINE, I WILL FIGHT YOU!(unfortunately I also said it outloud and got some strange looks from my fellow cube mates here at the dreamkiller factory..anyway..)I don’t care if Jack is all messed up, I would just spend my time watching him walk out from the ocean in jeans and a tee shirt…sigh..I can relate to Jax being on the list…Ive got the same thing for Dexter…guess I’d just have to hide the saran wrap when he gets grouchy….

    1. Haha! Okay, you can have Jack.. I’ll just sit here and be jealous. 🙂
      I love Dexter and thought about adding him too, but he’s so emotionally detached that I dunno how marriage would work out. He was good to Rita, but we saw how that ended..

  33. Great list. For thorough and thought out.

    My list:
    3. Chachi (Happy Days)- I was 7 and he made me feel funny “down there”
    2. Jack Tripper (Three’s Company)- He was hilarious, and even though I was young, I understood that his naughtiness is what made him sexy.
    1. Lloyd Dobler (Say Anything)- Yes, he is a movie dude, however, he is my Movieland soulmate. He gives you his heart, even if you just give him a pen.

    1. “Chachi (Happy Days)- I was 7 and he made me feel funny ‘down there'”
      Thanks for sharing some of your picks and thank you for reading! I’m glad you liked it!

  34. I would marry Jack!!! Love him!!! I like Dean and JIm and JD but they don’t come close to Jack…for me at least! 🙂 I like this idea I might want to do my own version. 😀 haha!

  35. Jack? JACK? Are you insane? If you are going to marry anyone marry someone with some personality. Sawyer is the guy to marry.:)

  36. I have to admit, as I hit the middle of the list I was starting to have some doubts…specifically in the looks department. Then I got to #1. Ba-BAM! Oh yeah- you hit that one right on target girl!!
    Love the Winchesters, adore Dean (and Jensen!)
    Fun stuff!!

  37. Jax is definitely one I prefer not to admit to liking- but, alas, I do. Though if I were with him, he’d have to wash his hair and keep up the facial hair a little more.
    JIM is a sweetie and he would be my #1 pick hands down!
    Great post!
    (By the way, happily married lady here!) 🙂

  38. Ahh, another Jack Shepherd fan. They seem too few and far between, sad to say, but I loved him (though I wouldn’t marry him – too much baggage there). I also dig your choice of Ned from Pushing Daisies. As for J.D., he had great qualities, but I personally would’ve gone with Turk.

  39. Haha this was thoroughly enjoyable to read 🙂 nothing like a shameless scale when it comes to choosing men-they HAVE been doing it for years of course 🙂

    I have to say I liked the list, particularly the idea of a man-man-woman threesome (out of interest, would they break out into song during?) but I felt that you could have included Damon from Vampire Diaries. he’s sexy, funny, smart (ish) and you know, a vampire…

  40. LOL… I just knewwww you’d have Jensen Ackles on here… Or his demon-fighter brother, what’s his name… 🙂 hahaha, I stopped watching TV too long ago, but before that happened, one of the last shows I was watching was Supernatural, and the memory of that crush on those boys still remains within….what a freak I was… 😛

  41. This is so great! I did a similar blog post about a year and a half ago, and two of my top five are on your top ten (Dean & Ned — no doubt about it). But I totally agree with your list, especially Jax!

  42. Nice list! I’ve only seen a few episodes of The Office here and there and I already love Jim.

    And when I saw Dean at #1, I had to stop myself from applauding here in the office. Lol. I absolutely love Supernatural. Even though I’m a Sam girl, it’s really Dean who’s marry-able and who’s got a kick-ass sense of humor. And car. 🙂

  43. The top three are SO on point–in fact, those would definitley be my top three as well, although I love Brett and Jermaine so much that I might have to bump them to number two, as sweet as Jim is. Plus, both cuties for the price of one? It’s a win-win. Haha. And Dean is godly hot. Plus, you could live in any old mansion you wanted–he’d protect you from the potential ghosts! 🙂

  44. I love this list, especially with the nerdy guys, I love nerdy guys! You have yourself a nice list of men. I especially like #3 where you say hey maybe they can have a little man-man-lady threesome. Hilarious!

  45. I see I’m not the only one who feels this way, but hands down, Special Agent Sealy Booth is the perfect TV man. Strong, sensitive, gorgeous… the whole package.

  46. ahh..
    the second guy, actually, I hadnt even seen him.. but evn after i did, i dnt wanna marry him… am i weird? probably.
    But the first one…. I am drooling. Am I Insane?

  47. This is a great list, although I must admit that Sawyer would most definitely beat out Jack, even though I don’t typically fall for the bad guy. Oh, and I know this is going back a ways (especially for a 21-year-old), but Pa from Little House on the Prairie would probably make it onto my list somewhere…

  48. Wow, your list made me laugh so hard! You’re just amazing! Congrats on being freshly pressed and thumbs up for getting Dean the cherry on top of the cake. [or should I say pudding? :)]
    Love Cary Agos too, and I have the same dilemma either I want to hug him or punch him, but he’s good! 🙂

  49. sum of all the good think of all these dude’s and we have the perfect men girls would marry…….as a men, i’d consider all this to get the girl i want……check =D

  50. I agree with you completely. Dean would be on the top of my list too. I’d marry him in a heartbeat even if it meant Wendigos and vamps chased us everywhere. I am totally into Ned too. I love this mild mannered pie maker. His voice completely makes me melt.
    Great list!

  51. I love the list but was a bit disappointed not to see Gerard Butler in the list D: Congrats on getting freshly pressed! 😀

  52. Great list you have there! They exudes sexiness, wit, and whatnot. 😀 Here’s one you should take a look at –> John Sheppard and Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis.

  53. I totally agree with you…Dean isn’t the hottest guy on tv, but he pretty much fits the “perfect hubby” role quite perfectly. Good thing I married someone quite similar to him…well…almost 🙂

  54. I guess I’m showing my age here, but I’d have to go with Detective Munch, portrayed by Richard Belzer.

  55. Hey nice list! I’m totally with you on Cary Agos! I think Matt is even more lovely on Gilmore Girls though as Logan Huntzberger but sure is he good on the good wife as well! 😉

  56. lol, this is a fun list to read, i always have a soft spot for jensen ackles since my high school days first seeing him on-screen on days of our lives. And you’re right, jack sheperd is one of those guys that’s hot and you feel very safe with, protective, rock solid, muhaha

  57. LOVED this post. I have to say I have had a huge crush on Jack since he opened his eye 😉

    Not sure I could have Jermaine and Bret, not sure I could handle the animal shirts.

    Jim, Jack and Vincent would surely make my list. GREAT POST!

  58. Wow not one Asian or black actor. Well. none of them does it for me. Jesse williams (GreY anatomy) is way hotter than all of them.

    1. I was wondering when someone was going to mention my lack of diversity. Truthfully, Hurley from Lost and Troy from Community were both in the running, but didn’t make the cut when I added up the ratings.

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