Facebook Friday (Week 1)

There’s a new feature on The Poncho – Facebook Fridays!

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’ll be sharing all the riveting updates about what I’m having for dinner or share 27 pictures of a baby or puppies. I’ll be passing along the most interesting stories that came across my feed in the past 7 days. If it sucks, blame my friends and family.

(Psst… Click the pictures to read the full stories.)

Oklahoma City Named #10 City in America to be Young, Broke and Single

This is especially important to a girl like me since I am all these things.
(Well… young-ish.)
It’s also cool for a girl like me, who has lived in Oklahoma City her whole life, to see that the city really is changing the long-held reputation that we’re all a bunch of hicks and rednecks. It’s never been true, but there certainly is a change happening in our art districts and downtown. The city feels fresh and thriving like I’ve never seen it before. I’m sure it sounds silly to a few fellow Oklahomans, but it really is an exciting time to live here.

Anchorman 2 Trailer Released
Okay, I know it doesn’t look as good as the original, but no sequel has been… with the exception of The Godfather II. What I am most concerned about is it being not funny at all. You know, like everything Will Farrell has done in the past seven years. Hopefully they didn’t blow all the funny on, “Which one of you convicts with the longest record wants to pass me the mashed potatoes?”

A Boy’s Childhood Innocence is Lost After Discovering RDJ is Not Iron Man
rdj cry

This is both tragic and hilarious.

Russell Westbook is Off Crutches

Every Thunder fan’s heart broke the moment we realized that Russell Westbrook had suffered an injury that would cost us the rest of our playoff run in a season in which the team was performing better than it ever had. With the Heat sealing the deal last night with another NBA championship, the pain of Russ’ injury came flooding back. At least we can all take in a little solace knowing that he’s officially off crutches and back in the gym. I will miss those Taylor Swift sing alongs though.

Russell Brand Mocks MSNBC’s Morning Joe Crew

I’ve been a Russell Brand fan for awhile and have found myself having to defend him on more than one occasion. Yes, I get that he’s an odd, eccentric narcissist, but he’s also quite intelligent. He single-handedly dumbfounded three news reporters who were only prepared to speak to him (or about him, apparently) as a sexy celebrity. Clearly they hadn’t done their homework. Brand – 1. Reporters – 0.

Announcement of the Oddball Comedy Tour Featuring Dave Chappelle and Flight of the Conchords

My two favorite comedic entities co-headlining a comedy tour?! My friends, this is how I know God exists, for surely He has showered His blessings upon me.

James Gandolfini Passes at 51

I’m not one to be moved by celebrity deaths, but hearing James Gandolfini passed brought tears to my eyes. Like most everyone else, I fell in love with Gandolfini through Tony Soprano – a performance that changed television history, but came with a price. He had just returned to acting after a long post-Sopranos hiatus and had proven over and over again that he was gifted with immense talent that spanned beyond portraying a struggling mob boss. His life was cut far too short.

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