In Loving Memory of My Grandfather, Bob Jamison


Robert D. Jamison, 84, of Oklahoma City passed away on the evening of June 24, 2013, peacefully at home in his sleep with his wife, Loretta, by his side.

He was born to the late Dennis and Mable Jamison in Quinter, KS on April 25, 1929. Robert (known to most as “Bob”) graduated from Quinter High School. He later went on to receive his teaching certificate from Fort Hayes State University. While in college he met Loretta, and the couple was married on June 14, 1951.


Bob and Loretta spent the early years of their marriage moving from state to state due to his profession hanging power lines, although he would eventually settle down (at least momentarily) and teach high school math. It wasn’t until the pair had amassed six children that Bob finally landed in Oklahoma and became a financial planner, a job that he would keep until his retirement over 20 years later.


I know that Bob earned many awards and even became the head over the state of Oklahoma with his financial company, but I can’t give you specifics about those accomplishments. All I can do is tell you about the incredible man that I had the honor of calling my grandpa.

If you want to know about what kind of man my grandfather was, you need look no further than his family.


I’m sure it was a struggle raising such a large family, but if you ask his kids about their dad, I’m positive they’ll find it incredibly difficult to find a fault in him. When I asked my father, Mike, to describe what it was like having my grandpa as a dad, he simply said, “Awesome.” From my perspective, there really is no better word to describe him.

Bob could do anything from fixing a car, to building a house, to playing Santa Claus at Christmas. He was a devout Christian who served as a deacon at his church for several years and instilled Biblical principles in his children, which have been passed down through the three generations that followed him.

He also loved to travel. Flip through any photo album lying around my grandparents’ house and I promise you’ll find more pictures of scenery than you will of anything else. Bob and Loretta had been everywhere from Hawaii to Israel. To this day, most of the conversations at family gatherings center on where everyone has visited and where they plan to go next. He loved taking yearly vacations to Colorado and, on more than one occasion, scared his grandkids with his adventurous mountain Jeep excursions.


Bob was a strong, hard-working man with a gentle, loving heart. He was astonishingly intelligent and gifted in a variety of areas. He was quick-witted and ornery. He was genuine and forgiving. He loved God, his wife and his family more than anything.

He was my grandpa and he was truly awesome.

Bob was preceded in death by his parents Dennis and Mable Jamison as well as his siblings – brothers, Darrell and Elvin, and sister, Mary Lou. He is survived by his wife, Loretta Jamison of Oklahoma City, OK; son Robert Michael and his wife Shari Jamison of Oklahoma City, OK; daughter Mary and her husband Guy Merz of Phoenix, AZ; daughter Susan Hellen of Oklahoma City, OK; daughter Christine and her husband Paul Traweek of Oklahoma City, OK; son David and his wife Karri Jamison of Luther, OK; and son John and wife Mary Jamison of Oklahoma City, OK as well as fifteen grandchildren and ten great grandchildren.

A viewing for the public will be held Thursday, June 27, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Buchanan Funeral Service located at 8712 N. Council Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73132.
Bob Jamison’s memorial service will be held at The Gate Church located at 7700 N. Council Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73132 at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 28, 2013.

This obituary will be available in The Tribune for the week of Friday, June 28th.
You can view his online obituary from The Daily Oklahoman here.


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