Facebook Friday (Week 2)


This week on Facebook…

The Real Housewives of Oklahoma City
1000533_421608164618975_988220430_nApparently this has picked up some steam throughout the week. I must admit, I saw this story a few days ago, but hadn’t had time to look at it until I sat down to write this. However, just hearing the concept seemed ridiculous to me.
The Lost Ogle did a great job of catching the absurdity of the concept right off the bat and found some pretty damning evidence to back up their point.
But come on, guys. Let’s think about this logically: super homosexual Bravo Vice President, Andy Cohen, is really going to bring a show here? To the Bible belt where people in favor of gay rights are considered immoral sinners who will be sent directly to hell? (Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.) Doubtful.
Now, let’s say he did – from what I’ve read, the ladies all want to be represented as good, moral people with a heart for others and their community. That’s great! It’s how I would want my life portrayed on TV. But does anyone really want to watch it? No. Especially not under the guise of a “Real Housewives” show.
So since no one would want to watch that, producers would have to manufacture drama. I get that that is what “reality” TV is, but do we want our city portrayed that way? We’re just now beginning to get ourselves on the map. I’d rather not tarnish our image with cheap rubbish. Plus, I know one of these ladies and I would hate for them to put something out of context that could potentially hurt her and her family.
Oh, then there’s the fact that reality TV sucks. The less of it there is, the better.

The Bacon-Covered Caramel Apple is Making It’s Way to the Oklahoma State Fair

7753_10151685894556797_1375470139_nBecause Oklahomans aren’t satisfied with covering a healthy food with just one artery-clogging substance!

The Thunder Drafts Their New Sexiest Player, Steven Adams

1025544_595589037128196_773698308_oOkay, Steven looks a little goofy in that picture. I blame the hat. Google him. Nevermind, I did it for you because, let’s be honest, I was Googling him already anyway. Click here.
Clearly I think he’s sexy, but he was honestly who I hoped we would select for a heap of other, more important reasons. I’ve done my Adams homework, so I may be posting an entire article on him soon, but here are three basics you should know.
1. He’s from New Zealand – a country I’ve been obsessed with for years. The culture breeds humility and I think he’ll fit right in here in Oklahoma. Plus, he’s got a mean (Adams followers will get that joke) accent.
2. He has outstanding potential. The guy has only been playing ball in the US for a year and he already shows strong defense, agility and speed. That’s something the Thunder have been lacking in a big man.
3. He may be the best interview ever.  Seriously, he’s unintentionally hilarious and a bit awkward. YouTube him. Nevermind, I did it for you. Click here.

The Popped Collar Wasn’t Always Used Primarily to Identify Douchebags

031313lunchbreakcollarpop_512x288As it turns out, many modern fashion trends had some really practical uses when they were created.

John Goodman Loses His &%$#

johngoodmanHow long has it been since you’ve been yelled at by John Goodman?
Well, that’s too long.



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