Facebook Friday (Week 3)


A Couple of Okies Appear on America’s Got Talent
maxresdefaultMeet Lil’ Mike and Funny Bone – two Native American, brother, little people rappers. Based on that description alone, these guys were made for a show like AGT. I’ve actually known Mike and Bone for about 13 years now. We’re not tight or anything, but back in the day we used to run in the same circles. They’re nice, funny dudes and I’m glad they did well on the show. Here’s hoping they go all the way, then come back and do a Thunder halftime show.

Entertainment Weekly Makes Top 10 Lists for Everything
1354500863459983Okay not everything, but everything I love reading lists about: TV, movies and more movies. I question some of their rankings (spoiler alert: The Sopranos is #5 on the TV list. Whaaaa?!), but that’s the beauty of lists; there’s no right or wrong. According to my “right,” the scariest movie list is the most accurate. Still, it’s an interesting read.

Trent Lawson Puts Your Kid’s Sidewalk Chalk Art to Shame
1039599_413025542145189_589232380_oTrent Lawson is a local artist that I recently did a profile on for The Tribune. He’s mostly known for painting what I call “pop culture mash ups” on velvet. He’s done some pretty amazing stuff. However, when I saw his chalk Pink Freud portrait come across my feed, I was blown away. Good on you, Trent. You’ve outdone yourself.

steven-adams-singletOh, what’s that? You want to get a shirt to represent the Thunder’s new sexiest player and cross your fingers that someone will mistakenly call you “Mrs. Adams”? Well TOO BAD! Adidas announced that they will not be releasing Steven Adams merchandise. This is pretty standard considering Adams will likely spend most of his playing time this season on the Thunder’s D-league team, the Tulsa 66ers. Looks like me and 4 million New Zealanders will be ordering customized jerseys… or one of you super cool local print shops could make one. Think about it.

The Coolest Place Ever Turns 85
2344975761_391d692182_bMaybe I’m overselling it, but Circle Cinema in Tulsa, OK has been one of my favorite places since I discovered it about five years ago. When I started visiting, the reconstruction was nothing more than a boarded up empty room and a dream. Being a non-profit, art house theater, I really didn’t know if they would ever get the funds to complete the renovations they had planned. Happily, they have and their grand reopening comes just in time to celebrate their 85th birthday. If you can, I encourage anyone who loves film to check it out. Congrats, Circle!

Russell Brand vs. Westboro Baptist Church
fag-pimpI have no idea why, after not seeing anything about him for about a year, all the sudden he keeps coming across my feed, but Russell has done it again. This time he takes on the Westboro Baptist church. There are a lot of reasons to watch this clip, but for you Christians, take note of the love with which he addressed a group that feeds off hate. I don’t know the extent of Brand’s beliefs in the Christian God, but he was acting with the love of Christ. Follow suit, Jesus people.
Brand – 1. Westboro Baptist – 0.



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