Facebook Friday (Week 4)


You Life Looks More Delicious and Depressing When Represented with Jelly Beans

Apparently ZeFrank videos have been a thing for awhile, but I just became aware of him through the Sad Cat Diary video. This week, a friend of mine posted this video which depicts the days in an average American life withjelly beans. It’s pretty thought provoking.

Americanized Oldboy Teasers Begin

Chan-wook Park’s 2003 Oldboy was brilliant, so obviously America had to get their hands on it, clean it up and likely send it back out half as good as the original. It’s what America does with foreign film gems. I’m trying to reserve my judgement until this is released. You never know, Let Me In turned out to be not a total disaster. Plus, this one has Michael Imperioli in it and I think he’s really underrated. Watch the trailer and share your thoughts in the comments.

Dustin Hoffman Cries When He Realizes Ugly Women Aren’t Worthless

Man, my Facebook was flooded with this video. Evidently so were the eyes of the ladies that were sharing it… flooded by tears, that is. By the fifth time it showed up, I finally decided to watch it.
In a nutshell, Hoffman recalls taking the role of Tootsie because he wanted to show the public that ugly girls still have something to offer to the world, and more specifically, men. While I appreciate the sentiment, I wasn’t as moved as my female counterparts. I would hope that every man understands that looks have very little to do with how interesting, intelligent and funny a woman is. Maybe this is a bigger problem than I think it is. I just consider guys who don’t understand that fact douchebags and move on with my life.
Ladies, please don’t get what Hoffman is saying twisted – even if a guy thinks you’re a fantastic person, he’s still not going to marry you if he’s not attracted to you. Sorry, thems the breaks. You’re not going to marry a guy you don’t find attractive either, so don’t act like men are so shallow. All he’s really saying is that he now understands that unattractive people can also be amazing people. Should we really be that impressed with his revelation?

The Thunder Take Over the NBA Summer League in Orlando
2013 Southwest Airlines Orlando Pro Summer League

I know you’re thinking, “Geez, Rachael. We get it. You’re obsessed with Steven Adams. It’s starting to get creepy.” And you know what? You’re right. Nonetheless, I will not let that detour me from posting about him once again.
The Thunder won the championship in the Orlando Summer league and big fella, Steve, has played a large part in that. From fan reactions I’ve read, he seems to be exceeding expectations. Let me go ahead and say it – I told you so. This kid has some awesome natural ability and his potential is off the charts. Give him a year or two and he’ll really be something.
This point isn’t just to drool over Steve though – we’ve got some really outstanding talent coming up. Reggie Jackson broke the league’s scoring record with 35 points on Tuesday, then Jeremy Lamb made a run for the record himself the next day with 32 points of his own. Daniel Orton has shown remarkable improvement, Dwight Buycks’ shot is a killer and DeAndre Liggins has stepped up his defense. While not all these guys will stick around (Buycks has literally just been signed to Toronto as I was tying this sentence and, unfortunately, the Thunder are running out of available spots so someone will have to get cut), there’s some promising talent for the Thunder’s roster.
Fear not, Thunder fans. The Harden trade may not go down in infamy.
It’s going to be an exciting season!

That’s it for this week. Sorry I’m a little short, but it appears 93% of my friends are on vacation and insist on posting pictures from the beach to rub it in. 
Quit it, jerks.



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