Facebook Friday (Week 5)


What Do You Get When You Combine Harry Caray and The Lumineers Hey HoThe Best Thing EVER!

I never actually LOL at anything when I’m by myself, but this one had me giggling like Ron Swanson telling a tax joke.

Robert Downey Jr. Makes Tony Stark Money
top-hat-robert-downey-jrAccording to Forbes‘, RDJ now tops the list as the highest paid actor in the business. I could be annoyed by this considering there are more talented actors working, but I’m a fairly big Robert fan. While most of his wealth is clearly coming from bringing Iron Man from a mid-level Marvel character to everyone’s favorite Avenger, I fell in love with the guy in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Plus, I dig his life story. He is living proof that fame and drugs don’t have to destroy you. Cheers, Bobby!

Nick Collison Scores the Highest Plus of His Career with His Vacation Photobomb
Nick BombThis photobomb also moves him further up on Rachael’s Future Mr. Jamison list.

Meth Earns Bryan Cranston A Star
Bryan CranstonBreaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week. Other than Malcom in the Middle, I can’t remember anything else in particular he has starred in, although I know I’ve seen him all over the place. I’m not complaining though. His portrayal of Walter White is worth the star on its own. Honestly, this entire point is just to let you know that Breaking Bad returns for the last few episodes on August 11th. If you haven’t watched it, catch up now. It’s on Netflix. You have no excuses.

The Pixar Theory
pixar-logoAnother post making the rounds is Jon Negroni’s Pixar Theory in which he explains why he thinks every Pixar movie exists in the same imaginary universe and are all linked. He may be right, but honestly, this article is flipping long and pretty complex… I haven’t even been able to read it past the first two paragraphs. According to the Facebook comments it’s an interesting read though, so it seemed noteworthy.

Glam Bomber Photo Sparks Controversy
Rolling Stone ControversyHere’s a news story where the media/public is making something out of virtually nothing. Do I think using this photo of the Boston bomber was the right move? Not particularly. Of course, I’m not trying to sell magazines – Rolling Stone is. No publicity is bad publicity, right? There you have it. My bigger question is, since when does Rolling Stone report on actual news stories? I mean, another headline on this cover reads “Robin Thicke: Pretty Fly For A White Guy”.

No One Wins the Martin/Zimmerman Trial

Treyvon MartinObviously the biggest news this week was the Zimmerman not guilty verdict. I do my best not to get into these kinds of discussions because the number of people who are willing to change their minds during the course of a conversation are abysmal. I agree with most everything in this well-written article from David McElroy and Chuck Barkley has made some valid points as well. If you don’t care to read those, here are my thoughts in a nutshell: Zimmerman was defending himself, but he is kind of a nut job and put himself in harms way. Trayvon was no angel (as the media would have you believe), but at the moment he was confronted, I don’t believe he was actively doing anything that warranted an altercation. Prejudices still exist and are more prevalent than you (and I) probably realize. I do believe they played a part in the events leading to Trayvon’s shooting. According to the law, I believe the verdict was right. In my gut, the verdict feels wrong. Zimmerman may be free, but in a case when a child dies, no one wins.



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