Facebook Friday (Week 6)


Caleb Braudrick Presents… A Charity Event Full of Terror
Caleb ShirtOn July 30th of last year, my friend, Caleb, passed away unexpectedly leaving behind his then pregnant wife and young son. On the Friday before the anniversary of his passing (TONIGHT!), there will be an event in his honor that will also raise some money for his adorable little family.
We’re calling it “Caleb Braudrick Presents…” and will be playing two of Caleb’s favorite horror movies – Texas Chainsaw Massacre and a little known B-movie called Lunch Meat. Admission is just $10 and the t-shirt shown above (designed by Greg White and printed by Kyle Simmons of TheOkaySee) will be on sale for $20 with proceeds going to Amber, Zeke and Emery. (If you can’t make it, you can still order a shirt online starting next week at TheOkaySee.com.)
It’s happening July 26th (TONIGHT!) at 7:00PM at The Paramount located at 701 W. Sheridan OKC, OK 73102. All ages are welcome and there is a nice cafe at The Paramount where you can sit and chat if movies with chainsaw murders and cannibalism aren’t your thing. If you can, please come out at support! You can get all the ‘tails on our Facebook event page.

Jesse and the Rippers are Still as Good as You Remember
Jesse and the RippersFull House’s John Stamos Jesse and the Rippers finally gave the fans the reunion they’ve been waiting for for the past 18 years (Geez, I’m old!) when they appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week to play a medley of their biggest hits. Sit back and fall in love with Uncle Jesse all over again. Have mercy!

The Stage Center Will Soon Be Sacrificed for a Boring Office Tower
stage centerI’ve long been a fan of The Stage Center in downtown Oklahoma City. The first time I went there was over 15 years ago to see a friend’s band perform. I remember roaming around in awe of how awesome the design was. Due to flooding a few years ago, the building has been defunct for quite some time, but I was holding out hope someone would shell out the cash to renovate the unique structure. Looks like the time has expired on that as it has now been marked for demolition to make room for another blah office tower. It makes sense business-wise since it’s taking up some prime real estate, but it’s painful to watch something so original and, to me, iconic to downtown disappear only to have a generic building appear in it place. Sad day.

DC Makes a Run at Marvel with Batman/Superman Duo Movie
batman supermanDC fans got some big news this week when it was announced that the sequel to Man of Steel will be Superman vs. Batman… or Batman vs. Superman. (I think they’re still deciding.) Either way, I dock them points for their lack of creativity. Still, this is pretty huge. Let’s be honest though, there is no way that Batman could beat Superman. That’s not a Batman diss, it’s just practicality. Superman is an indestructible alien. Batman is a normal human being with cool gadgets. This is not a contest. If it were real life, this movie would be over in 7 minutes.

Weird Al Comes to Tulsa
UHFPardon me while I let my nerd flag fly…
ATTENTION OKLAHOMANS: Weird Al is coming to the Brady Theater on October 19th! I’m no huge Weird Al fan, but he is a fairly large part of my childhood and I do think he’s more talented then he gets credit for. Tickets are only $29.50, so it’s worth the expense. Plus, it’s the only concert I think I can round up my brother, cousins and their spouses for. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Saturday, July 27th) at 10 AM.

Birth to Death Told by Cinema

Film teaches us all. This is lovely.



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