Facebook Friday (Week 7)


Blurred Lines Classroom Edition

I don’t care who you are, this is just fun.

Li-terally the worst news I’ve got all week
lowe_jones_parks_and_recLet me start this by saying that if you’re not watching Parks & Recreation, you should be. It’s the second best comedy on TV right now. (Modern Family is easily #1.) I know that some are turned off by it’s The Office like talking head format, but I assure you that it is not The Office (although I am a fan of The Office) – no awkward pauses, totally different characters. Unfortunately, super positive Chris Traeger (played by Lowe) and wonderful, beautiful nurse Ann Perkins (played by Jones) will be departing around midway through the next season. While I do think the show will continue to be high quality without them because the rest of the cast is so strong, I will definitely miss both characters deeply. Honestly, I fear the rest of the cast will soon begin dropping like flies due to the fact that most of them are accepting more and more movie roles. So while I’m happy for talented actors accepting bigger success, it’s sad to think Parks and Rec‘s days are limited. Hop on the bandwagon now and enjoy the rest of the ride!

Li-terally the grossest thing I’ve seen in my entire life

I’m speechless on this one.  Yep, it’s exactly what it looks like…. a man with an 132lb. scrotum. WTF, TLC? Gross! Who is going to watch this?

Okay, I might tune in momentarily out of curiosity… but I’ll be ashamed of myself.

I thought The Onion only wrote fictitious stories…
I should probably be ashamed of myself, but this is my life. On the weekends, I usually spend at least one evening at the movies by myself. I go to the kiosk to get my ticket, I get a Coke Zero and small popcorn, I sit in the back row so people don’t really pay much attention to me and sometimes the theater employees are the only people I talk to in person all day. I may or may not have chuckled at the The Wolf of Wall Street trailer. To add to the pathetic-ness, I also bring my own White Cheddar Kernel Seasonings.  If you’re a single 30-year-old movie lover, I’m sure you can relate.

Johnny Depp has limited time to get back in my good graces
If you’ve been around for awhile, you probably know that Johnny Depp used to be my favorite actor… you know, before he began only accepting roles as various versions of Jack Sparrow. I’m of the opinion that Johnny still has an Oscar-worthy performance in him, but with his recent sort of retirement announcement, who knows if he’ll ever deliver it. Here’s hoping that the former love of my life will use the time he has left to pull away from the Tim Burton roles and seek something that will fortify him as the great talent he is.

Ellen will host the Oscars once again
Being the host of the Oscars is apparently a really big deal. As a yearly watcher of the awards show, I’m not too particular about who the MC is, but annually there seems to be some sort of controversy. The announcement was released today that Ellen will return as host to the most prestigious event of them all. Personally, I think she’s a great pick. Of course, I think Seth McFarlane did a fine job, as did Billy Crystal, so what do I know? Like I said, when it comes to Academy Award hosts, I’m easy to please. 

Daft Punk + kittens = WIN

Why? Just because.



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