RLW: 12 Ways to Get Your Breaking Bad Fix

RLW NotepadUnless you just have absolutely no source for entertainment news… or a Facebook account… or a co-worker with good taste in TV, you’ve probably gathered that something is going on with a show called Breaking Bad. That “something” is the final eight episodes that will begin airing on AMC this Sunday night. It’s both my most anticipated and most dreaded pop culture event of the year.

I, like apparently everyone else, have become addicted to (pun intended) the series that tells the story of a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher turned cold-hearted meth drug lord. Unlike most of the shows that people rave about (I’m looking at you, Duck Dynasty), Breaking Bad actually lives up to the hype. It’s so exceptional that it actually knocked off LOST, Dexter and The Wire to claim the #2 position on my Best TV Shows of All-Time list. (The Sopranos has a permanent spot at #1.)  I’ve tried to find a flaw in it, but to no avail. It’s a small screen masterpiece. It’s wonderful, morally-ambiguous, blue meth coated goodness with a dash of chili p!
Am I overselling it? No. I am not. Go watch it now. The entire series is on Netflix. Don’t have Netflix? It’s free for a month. Get it. Chances are you’ll tear through all 5 seasons before the allotted 30 days anyway.

With all that said, this post is for you fellow Breaking Bad addicts. Here is a list of articles and cool bits I’ve complied so you can fill your brain with Walt and Jesse goodness before Sunday’s premiere.

If you haven’t picked up on it, there are spoilers ahead, so proceed at your own risk.


Breaking Bad Countdown Mashup

A quick three minute refresher on series.

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

Nailed it.

Honest Trailer: Breaking Bad Edition

Honest Trailers generally poke fun at all the stupid things in movies. In this case, they try to poke fun at Breaking Bad, but fail because it’s awesome. Clearly no one can argue that fact – not even the guys who make fun of things for a living.

Breaking Bad (1995)

This looks completely legit. I’d watch it.

The Price is Wrong, B!%$h!

I think this explains how Aaron Paul got his job as a meth head. Yet every time I watch it, I love him just a little more.

Breaking Bad Parodies, Anyone?
From legos to The Simpsons to an ABC sitcom – this article is a must for BB fans.


Why is Breaking Bad SO good?
A great write up by Business Insider about some reasons I haven’t even considered. (Weird source, right?)

The Best 5 Episodes According to Indie Wire
I assure you that I’ll be making my own version of this once the show wraps, but IW has some good selections. It’s a tough list.

Rolling Stone Rates the Series’ 10 Best Murders
…and there have been some doozies!

CBS Explains Why Breaking Bad is a Show for Leaders
Not all TV rots your brain.

Some of the Best Fan Fiction Selections
You fan fiction people are strange, but entertaining.

Party Planning Ideas!
Break out the rock candy and celebrate the final episodes with a super cool party. (And invite me!)



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