Facebook Friday (Week 8)

facebook_friday_blog_icon…brought to you this week on Saturday!

The New York Times Keeps You Advised on Gary England
garyOklahoma is the mecca for weathermen. With our violent tornadoes, deadly ice storms and record-breaking droughts, it’s the proverbial box of chocolates Forrest Gump’s mom talked about. The one constant us Okies have counted on when it comes to severe weather is a guy named Gary England. This week, The New York Times posted a very nice story about the man that many consider a weather god.

Bret McKenzie Teases a New Project. Rachael’s Head Explodes.bretOne half of Flight of the Conchords (the Oscar winning half… No offense, Jemaine) has revealed his upcoming project – “a fairy tale comedy musical, sort of akin to Labyrinth.” As if that weren’t enough, Bret went on to liken it to a “mixture of The Muppets and The Princess Bride.” After reading the story, Rachael’s head exploded… which is why this week’s Facebook Friday is coming to you on a Saturday.

Marvel Plans Extend Through 2021
Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, has announced that Marvel has it’s future planned for the next eight years. Will all their ventures pan out? Who knows. Although I’ve mostly loved what they’ve done so far with franchise, when you start dipping into characters like Ant-Man, I have to wonder if you’ve gone too far. Like the movie industry in general, it seems to this girl that Marvel isn’t necessarily concerned with quality as much as it is with quantity… and by “quantity” I mean both the number of movies they put out as well as the quantity of zeros at the end of their paychecks. Here’s hoping this is just me being cynical.

Thunder Center, Nick Collison, Shares His Thoughts on the Finale of Breaking Bad.  Extreme Swooning Ensues.
nick-collisonIf I needed another reason to believe that Nick Collison is my soulmate, this article is written proof that he is the perfect candidate to be the next Mr. Jamison. This week, Daily Thunder’s Royce Young asked Nick the most important question of this off season – how will AMC’s epic series, Breaking Bad, end? Nick’s answers are well thought out, witty and insightful. By combining his love of basketball, knowledge of good television, clever humor and John Krazinski-like face, Nick has captured my heart. Marry me immediately, please.

Mumford & Sons Spoof Themselves with Help from Celebrity Friends
MumfordMumford & Sons know what you’ve been saying about them behind their backs, and with the release of their new video for “Hopeless Wanderer,” their punchline is better than yours. The spoof features funny men Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Ed Helms and Wil Forte wearing suspenders and fake beards, hauling their instruments down a dusty lane, playing in a row boat, crying, tasting each other’s tears, and eventually smashing their instruments and at least one of the filament bulbs lighting the barn they’re in. While the video pokes fun at all the folk stereotypes the band gets bashed for, the song itself is great – a reminder that even without the branding, these guys make really good music.

Sesame Street Meets Sons of Anarchy in Sons of Poetry

Not even misanthropic Sons of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter, could hate on Sesame Street‘s take of the dark FX show about the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club gone awry. In the video, the Sons (featuring puppet versions of Jax, Clay, Tig and Bobby) help Robert Browning with a rhyme to express his love of… stew, apparently. I won’t ruin the ending for you, but Elizabeth Barrett Browning makes a wise choice.



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