Facebook Friday (Week 10)

facebook_friday_blog_icon…brought to you this week on Saturday!

“I am Batman.” – Ben Affleck wrong benI, like most everyone else, am upset with DC’s decision to cast Ben Affleck as the new Batman, but likely not for the same reasons. I like Affleck. He’s a talented guy. He gave us Argo and Good Will Hunting. (On the downside, he also gave us Daredevil and Gigli. Hey, I said I like the guy, I didn’t say he was my favorite.)  I never understood the backlash against him after the J-Lo split, but the internet ran rampant with Affleck hatred and it showed in the box office. To me, the reaction was unfair. I felt bad for the guy. It’s been almost a decade and the whole “Bennifer” fiasco seems like a lifetime ago. With the praise of Argo, Ben has returned to “respectable” in the public eye. Now this. No matter how good of a performance he gives, he will be considered a failure as Batman. Sorry man, you’re dead in the water on this one.

Move Over Grandad’s, an 80s Themed Bar is on the Way in UptownFlashback 80's BarThat’s right, these dudes are currently building out an 80s themed pub in the revived Uptown District of Oklahoma City. Vintage arcade games, 80s memorabilia and guaranteed good music – even me as a non-regular bar patron is excited to check the place out. Totally rad, boys.

Idiots React to Headlines from The OnionTheOnionIf you’ve worked any job where you come in regular contact with the general public, you realize that there are a lot of morons out there. It’s amazing that they regularly perform simple tasks like brushing their teeth or reading, but they somehow manage to get by. This story is a perfect example of what happens when these people figure out how to use the internet, then somehow end up in your Facebook feed (It’s okay. We all know at least one of these dummies, but we love them anyway.) expressing outrage and/or disappointment about Onion news stories. *facepalm*

America is Pretty Diverse… If You Zoom In.enhanced-buzz-wideEver wonder what qualifies the United States as a melting pot? Here you go.

Anna Gunn is Disturbed by Your Hatred for Skyler WhiteSkyler It’s hard to find a Skyler White advocate among Breaking Bad fans and the actress who portrays her, Anna Gunn, is speaking out. In a New York Times opinion piece, Anna wrote her theories about why there is so much hatred for Mrs. Heisenberg… or Skysenberg, if you will. I will admit that I was a Skyler hater upon my first viewing (not enough to join a “I hate Skyler White” Facebook page or anything, but I did think she was a b*&!h), but have grown to understand her after re-watching the series. Vince Gilligan has done such a magnificent job at developing Walter that anyone who opposes him is viewed as the antagonist.  Most consistently that character is his wife. But if you take a moment to step back and put yourself in Skyler’s shoes, most of her actions make sense. (It may not be the way you’d handle things, but they are logical choices.) Furthermore, her development through the 5 seasons is a profound one to watch if you can open your mind from the beginning that Walter is not the one you should be rooting for. It should also be clarified that Anna Gunn is not Skyler White. Let’s not go around threatening to murder actresses because you hate the character they’re playing. If that was a thing, I would’ve offed Jamie Murray for playing Lila in Dexter way back in 2007. I still get upset talking about her.


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