Facebook Friday (Week 12)


Stories from the Breaking Bad Cutting Room Floor.
breaking-bad-all-charactersKnown for it’s workable plot, shocking twists and intriguing characters, Breaking Bad is easily one of the best shows on TV. So how do they do it? Entertainment Weekly sat down with a couple of the writers and discussed some of the story ideas that never made it into the series, then detail why they were left on the table.
I’m a little bummed that there was no way to work in the conversation between Jesse and Jane’s dad. I can see how the trajectory took them another direction and that makes perfect sense, but I always felt that that relationship was a bit unresolved. I just chalked it up to the fact that that’s how life is. Still, it would’ve been yet another powerful, gut-wrenching, Emmy-worthy performance from Aaron Paul. You can never have too many of those. Then there are a couple obvious flops – like Marie accidentally shooting a UPS delivery man and an attempt to link Walt’s story to the frontier times.
Script writers take note: Breaking Bad has continually gotten better because the writers understand the world they’ve created and the characters they’ve built and have stayed true to them even when clever, but illogical ideas were presented.

Taylor Swift Has Never Been More Inspirational.
hitler swiftAre you one of those people who posts random picture quotes on your Facebook? Use this story as a lesson about why you should stop… or at the very least, fact check. It appears that some clever little minx began attaching quotes from some of the world’s most famous dictators and terrorists and attributing them to Taylor Swift. Pretty genius if you ask me. As expected, they were quickly posted everywhere with thought provoking hashtags like #OMGsotrue and #relatablequotes. Once someone actually blew the whistle on this little experiment, the creator starting receiving some threatening comments which is completely ridiculous. Of course, these people did agree with a bunch of Hitler quotes, so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise. People, just be smarter. Okay? This stuff should never happen.

Get Your Degree in Zombie Apocalypse Survival.
zombieOkay, so you can’t really get a degree in zombie apocalypse survival, but you can take an online course about it. This story reports that The University of California, Irvine is offering a free open online course for fans to learn about the science that’s tangential to all the zombie killing and drawn-out misery of the survivors. The class, entited “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead,” will be an eight-week interdisciplinary course that uses the show as a jumping-off point for discussions of survival, social identity, post-apocalyptic nutrition, and stress management.
Now, I know the concept sounds absurd, but I think they may really be on to something here. Think about it. Wouldn’t your ethics class be more interesting if you used Dexter as a case study? What about if you could step into Dr. Melfi’s shoes and explore Tony Soprano’s mind for your psychology course? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be a lot more inclined to show up for class if my learning was shrouded in TV discussion.

Mustang Brewing Company Releases New, Futuristic Beer Cold Sensor.
mustangThanks for keeping it simple, Oklahoma brewers.

Douchebag Carter Gill Shows His Poker Face.
We’ve all met the cocky douchebag who thinks he’s untouchable, but few have witnessed the satisfaction that comes with seeing the jacka** realize that he was wrong… terribly and wonderfully wrong.
Above is a .gif of Carter Gill – a poker player who thinks his hand is secure to the point that he taunts David Paredes saying, “All you need is a queen.” With that, the dealer promptly flips the final river card – a queen – giving the near-million-dollar pot to Paredes. Ah, humble pie is so deliciously sweet.



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