Facebook Friday (Week 13)

facebook_friday_blog_icon…brought to you this week on Saturday!

Breaking Bad Spin-off S’all Good, Man
saul goodmanAMC has announced that a Breaking Bad spin-off tentatively titled Better Call Saul has been green lit. My immediate reaction was incalculable joy, but many fellow fans did not share my exuberance at the announcement. I understand the concern that it’s just a way to milk the success of Breaking Bad and, I’m not stupid, it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a good show. I guess it comes down to expectations. I don’t expect Better Call Saul to be the next Breaking Bad, but seeing that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould are attached gives me confidence in knowing that it’s going to be a show worth watching. I mean, Frasier had a successful spin-off and he was, by far, the most boring character on Cheers. Saul will do just fine.

The Thunder’s 10 Most Memorable Moments of the Last Five Years
thunderCooler weather, seasonally-flavored coffee options and football can only mean one thing – Thunder season is almost upon us. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. For fans like me who are beginning to the feel the itch of  separation anxiety, take a look at this article from Daily Thunder reminiscing about the 10 Most Memorable Moments in the Thunder’s Five Year History. A few of them even got me a little choked up. It’s been a crazy, awesome ride.

The Oklahoman Wants You to Hate 2 Chainz… or Do They?
2-chainzConsidering I’m just posing as a writer, I have no right to judge the work that legitimate, employed journalists do. However, the article in The Oklahoman about 2 Chainz apology after his recent arrest here in the Sooner State is an interesting study. He is quoted in The Oklahoman saying, “‘My apologies to OKC or whatever and to the fans and to the people that actually missed my listening party in New York,’ said 2 Chainz, whose real name is Tauheed Epps.”
Sounds pretty flippant, right? But if you watch the MTV interview the quote was pulled from, 2 Chainz appears to be sincerely sorry and offering a legit apology. Here’s where things get tricky – after working at a paper, I understand that you cannot print your opinions, just facts. It is a fact that that is 2 Chainz statement, but if he was sincere or not is an opinion. You cannot print that. Therefore you are left with a quote that, when read out of context, seems arrogant. So who is at fault here? Anyone? It’s hard to say. There could have been further explanation about the context in which the statement was made, but there was also most certainly a word count limit for the story, leaving the author confined to report the statement that is most interesting to the readers – Oklahomans.
Oh, journalism.

Lack of Vincent Chase Puts Entourage Movie in Jeopardy
vinnyYou know how fans were basically promised an Entourage movie, so much so that the series finale felt like more of a lead in than a conclusion? Well that may not happen. Adrian Grenier (AKA Vinny Chase) has yet to sign on… neither has Jerry Ferrara (AKA Turtle). While they may be able to get away with an absent Turtle, making an Entourage movie without Vincent Chase would be like watching a two-hour long episode of Viking Quest. Actually, scratch that. I might be more interested in seeing a movie with Johnny Drama as the lead.
I wish I found this news more disappointing, but the writers tanked the show so severely in the final two seasons that I would only see the movie because I want a little justice for the characters that I used to love so much. Realistically, maybe it’s best to leave Vinny Chase and company alone. It kind of like dealing with someone with dementia – you don’t want to remember what they’ve become, you want to remember them how they were.
(I apologize if comparing Entourage with dementia is in bad taste…)

23 Things Ladies Should Stop Doing
womenThis kind of article is a bit too feminist-y for me to post generally, but I felt compelled to share it anyway. The Huffington Post has published their list of 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing. “Every” is a bit broad and not all 23 are going to be relevant (if they are, God help you!), but maybe you’ll run across a couple that will make you think.

Jimmy Fallon is Joking Bad (in a good way)
joking badJimmy Fallon has jumped aboard the Breaking Bad bandwagon is now using the popularity of the show to his advantage with this spoof short, complete with BB cameos and more! Nicely done, Jimmy. B!*&h.


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