Facebook Friday (Week 15)

facebook_friday_blog_iconNow back to your regularly scheduled Facebook Friday…

Bad Lip Reading Presents: Medieval Land Fun-Time World

The guys that gave us those great bad lip reading NFL moments have struck again with their concoction of Adventureland, Game of Thrones and, of course, bad lip reading. I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched this all the way through because I’m a season behind and terribly afraid of spoilers, but they sold me with Tyrion’s Terry’s, “Listen son, I’ll give you four cents each for them Vanilla Wafers.” Someone watch it, tell me if it’s safe and rate it’s funny level on a scale of 1 – 10. And then pre-order season 3 so I can catch up as soon as it comes out.

Charlie Hunnam – Christian Grey? Christian, nay. (PUNS!)
My beloved Charlie has dropped out of the role as 50 Shades of Grey‘s Christian Grey. For me, this is excellent news. Now I don’t have to watch the movie. However, my condolences to you 50 Shades fans. He would’ve been good. Real good. The media is reporting that the official reason for his departure is simply a scheduling conflict with Hunnam’s Sons of Anarchy shooting. That may be true. He’s a good actor and takes his roles seriously (even though I’m positive he was cast mostly for his abs). If he felt he could not give a performance he was proud of, I believe he would back out of this, or any other film. Rumors are that that may only be part of the story and that money may have been a much bigger reason that Charlie backed away. Sources are reporting that he was offered a measly $125k for the make it or break it role. Ouch. My guess is that both of those things may very well be true. And when you add on the fact that women are fickle and if they decide that he didn’t live up to the Christian Grey they pictured in their heads, the movie could tank taking Charlie’s promising career along with it, bowing out was a smart move. I am bummed I’m gonna be missing out on those naked scenes though. Help us out, Kurt Sutter!

The Government is Open, but People Still Hate Congress
I never thought I’d see that day that anything was considered worse than Nickleback.
Top notch reporting, by the way. If all news was delivered this way, I’d pay more attention.

Sufjan Stevens Gets to the Core of Miley Cyrus’ Problems… Grammar.
A lot of musicians/celebrities/jealous Homeland cashiers have attacked Miley Cyrus recently for her uhh… peculiar actions, but Sufjan Steven has finally addressed a severely overlooked Miley problem – her grammar. In an excerpt from his open letter to Miley blog post, Sufjan writes, “One particular line causes concern: ‘I been laying in this bed all night long.’ Miley, technically speaking, you’ve been LYING, not LAYING, an irregular verb form that should only be used when there’s an object, i.e. ‘I been laying my tired booty on this bed all night long.’ Whatever. I’m not the best lyricist, but you know what I mean. It’s a weird, equivocal, almost purgatorial tense, not quite present, not quite past, not quite here, not quite there. Somewhere in between. I feel that way all the time. It kind of sucks. But I have a feeling your ‘present perfect continuous’ involves a lot more excitement than mine.”
I love you, Sufjan. Don’t ever change.

Not ready to let go of Breaking Bad? Neither is the cast.
Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has revealed that we will see some cameos in his upcoming prequel series Better Call Saul. “Personally, I’d have a hard time resisting putting all these guys in for a cameo or two every now and then,” Gilligan says of his former cast. Other good news – Vince says that although he plans to give the show a lighter, more comedic tone, he will maintain many of the BB’s visual elements and hopes to retain as many of his writers as possible.

I Beat Cory, Shawn and Topnaga in a Who Said It? Contest
Entertainment Weekly has put out another one of it’s TV reunion issues. This one in particular grabbed my interest because it features the cast of my favorite childhood show, Boy Meets World. Not only did they participate in a photoshoot, EW actually had Ben Savage (Cory), Rider Strong (Shawn) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga) play a little game of Who Said It? with lines from the series. Let it be known that I got 100% on this quiz… I even knew the answers before the sentences were finished! (I’m not sure if that’s something I should be bragging about, but whatevs.) Seeing the three of them together definitely made me smile and it’s nice how comfortable they are with one another even after all these years. There’s even a Mr. Turner shout out. You can view the video here.

Rocky Horror Picture Art
My friend, Greg, created this for a The Rocky Horror Picture Show screening here in OKC. He’s so amazing. Prints are $7.



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