Facebook Friday (Week 16)


Russell Westbrook Makes His NBA Return. Oklahoma Releases a Huge Sigh of Relief.
I’ve heard it said a hundred different ways, but the bottom line is that having Russell Westbrook back on the Oklahoma City Thunder means that basketball is fun again in the heartland. It also means we’re once again a championship level team. Since Westbrook was knocked out of commission by Houston’s Patrick Beverly during the playoffs last season, the future has looked bleak. Optimistic Thunder fans would never say it, but we didn’t stand a chance of going to the ‘ship without him. We knew every night would be a fight, that KD would have to rise to legendary level and that we’d take a big hit in the media. None of that was fun. It reignited the Harden trade conversation and sparked the idea that Kevin could leave us after his contact expired. The whole thing hurt. With Russ back in the lineup, the Thunder have their spirit back. The fans have top 10 worthy plays to cheer for again. No longer do we have to worry about being able to hang on, if he’ll come back at 100% and if people will continue to whine about Russ’ importance to this team. He’s back. Thank God, he’s back!

A Sportscaster in Idaho does a Successful Ron Burgundy Impression through an Entire Newscast

Ron Burgundy joined  the channel 6 news team and the video has gone viral. Ron is played by the station’s sports director Paul Gerke. The segment starts a little slow, but by the end Paul’s ad libs become LOL worthy. It’s because of this that I’ll let it go that that he really should dressed as Champ. WHAMMY.

The Age of the Local Blockbuster Store is Dead
Blockbuster is finally calling it quits on their local video store business. A lot of articles I read poke fun at the fact that they still existed with streaming clearly being the way to go these days, but I for one am sad to see local video stores disappear. I admit it’s just nostalgia and 9 out of 10 times I watch my movies off Netflix or Amazon Instant, but I’ll never forget the excitement of renting a movie at Blockbuster when I was a kid. It was like walking into Willy Wonka’s factory. I’m sad that my kids will not get to have that feeling. Although more convenient, pressing the “rent” button feels a little anti-climatic.

A Kid is Determined to be Ugly Enough to Successfully Sue Her Mom for Giving Birth to Her. Ouch.
Last year a story surfaced that a Chinese man was suing his wife for giving birth to an ugly child. Now, that man has won his case. Originally he thought that the daughter was the result of an affair, but later discovered that his wife (pictured above) had had extensive plastic surgery before meeting him. The man was awarded $120,000.
As crazy as this whole story is, the sad part is the psychological affects it will have on this child. Here’s hoping that she’ll realize the problem is not how she looks on the outside, but how ugly her father is on the inside.

In Honor of No-Shave-November, Here are Disney Princesses with Beards
MustacherellaThere is no point to this, but Mustacherella reminded me of Doc Holliday.


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