KD’s Southern Cuisine: A Foodie Reviewie

This entry was written by my blog partner over at Grab Bag, Brandon, about our experience at Kevin Durant’s new restaurant in downtown OKC on opening night. It was absolutely delicious! Two Thunder foam fingers up!

Grab Bag OK


Let’s be honest with ourselves. Kevin Durant could lend his inimitable name to a chow truck called “KD’s Greasy Nasty Tacos” and Oklahomans would flock to the four wheeled food carrier like fourth graders flock to an open-armed Rumble.

But the homegrown NBA superstar’s new restaurant is more pleasantly named “KD’s Southern Cuisine,” and based on my visit on opening night, I believe this new food spot will be routinely as crowded as Chesapeake Energy Arena on game night.

The first thing any Thunder fan will notice as they walk around the building towards the front door are the many pictures, jerseys and memorabilia of our beloved hero lining the outside walls. Before I could even reach for the shiny silver handle, a hostess had already opened the door and greeted me with a welcoming smile and a cheerful “Welcome to KD’s!” It was like the high class version of…

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