My First (and very pink) Stitch Fix


A little over a month ago I saw a friend say on Facebook say that she was trying Stitch Fix. I personally had never heard of the service and had no idea what it was all about, but her comments were witty and inspiring enough for me to look into it… or maybe it was a Friday and I was just looking for distractions to make work go by faster. Either way I read all about it, filled out the taste profile, and ordered my fix.

For those of you who are not familiar with Stitch Fix, I’ll nutshell it for you: it’s an online personal stylist on a budget for people who hate shopping.

That may sound like a negative thing, but I don’t mean it negatively. I personally find shopping for clothes tedious and mostly depressing. I’m sure this has something to do with the fact that I have very little fashion sense and I don’t really know what styles work for my body. Solution: a personal stylist. Also, If you’re like me and are rarely flush with cash, it’s an affordable risk at just $20.

Other helpful bits to know:
– the website is very easy to use, so don’t be intimidated if you’re not so tech savvy.
– if you refer a friend and they place an order, you get a $25 credit which covers what’s called your “styling fee”. That means even if you order nothing, you’re not out any money.
– the styling fee can be used as credit toward any purchases you make within that box, meaning you cannot carry over your styling fee to the next fix. But, if you love it all, you also get 25% for buying everything. So while the prices are a little steep, they do make up for it the best they can.

Yesterday my box arrived – a perfectly cute little box with logoed tape so I knew it was full of surprising goodies! I was going to film the whole thing (like people do), but I had it delivered to work and didn’t want to wait to get home to tear into it. It really did feel like Christmas! The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a little note from my stylist.
photo 3
The envelope also contained directions about ordering and a style card that gave me some options for things to mix and match the pieces with from my own closet. So with that, it was on to the clothes…

As I pulled each item from the box, one thing was clear – Shay really wanted me to wear pink. Three out of four of the articles of clothing were some variation of pink. I was instantly disappointed.

It’s not that I hate pink. I’m fine with a bit of it here and there. And I get it – it’s spring and pink is a fun spring color, but so are mint green and light blue. Where were those colors? Not the best start, but I was game to give them a shot. After all, the point of this is to be a fun experiment and to get me out of my comfort zone. I took them home and recruited my super cute, fashionable young friend Ashley to come give me her opinions as well as be my photographer. (For the record, she did leave my head in the pictures, but I cropped it out because it was eww. She disagrees and was very unhappy I made that decision.)

Item #1: Fun2Fun Hanna Plaid Tab-Sleeve Henley Top – $48
IMG_0623Not a terrible shirt. I actually like the cut, but it’s SO PINK! And I’m certain I can find something like it at Ross for a third the price.

Item #2: Renee C Gabe Striped Maxi Skirt – $48
IMG_0627Possibly the most comfortable skit ever. Major brownie points on that one, Shay! However, what she described as “orange” came off to me as pink. Or at best, salmon. Loved the style, but I’ll be looking for one in a darker color so it’s a bit more flattering in the fitted areas.

Item #3 & #4: Renee C Ashford Striped Cross-Front Knit Shirt – $48; Pixley Lydia Faceted Stones Long Necklace – $38
IMG_0645Yay! Something not pink! Boo! The least flattering shirt ever!
I had high hopes for this shirt. I see it’s potential, but I think it’s best left to people with less than 6% body fat. As for the necklace – cute. I’d totally buy it if it were priced at $7 or less. $38? You’d have an easier time trying to convince me that LeBron James should be MVP this year.

Item #5: Tulle Gwen Abstract Print Keyhole Detail Dress – $58
IMG_0656This isn’t terrible, but it breaks two Rachael fashion no nos.
1. No banded mid-waist anything. It doesn’t do my body type any favors.
2. Too short. I do not like my legs and it would only take a decent wind gust to expose my most holy of holies.
Plus of course, it’s super pink. But I really love the way my nail color looks with my ring. Go me!

So alas, everything went into the mailbox last night. I forfeited my $20 to the fashion gods and am left empty handed.

Despite my disappointing fix, I would still recommend the service.
First, it’s really difficult to pick out clothes for people. If you’ve ever tried buying a shirt for a friend only to find out it did not fit them at all the way you thought it would, then you get this concept. I won’t even buy clothes for my best friend of 23 years, so it’s unreasonable to think someone who has never met you is going to nail it on the first try. They even admit it usually takes a few boxes to get a good feel for the client.
Secondly, it’s fun. If you’ve got $20 and hate shopping, why not give it a shot? You could find something you really like, or at the very least get an idea for styles that look good on you. Plus, any time you can get something that makes it feel like Christmas, I say go for it.
Third, you deserve it. Sometimes you just need to blow a little money on you. That’s probably a weird thing to say to some of you, but for people like me, you need to be reminded it’s okay from time to time to do something nice for yourself.

I’d love to give Shay another shot, but I don’t know that I should take another $20 risk. The initial $20 is okay, but once you hit $40 I start to think about how many hours of work I have to put in to earn $40. But if you want to give it a shot and use me as your referral, I’d be more than happy to let you know how things turn out after a second try.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What was your experience like?

PS: Since I’m talking about fashion which is incredibly rare, what’s the deal with textured nail polish? I accidentally bought some, but I think it just makes it look like I did a really craptacular job painting my nails.
photo (3)


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