MoviePass: a Must-Have for Movie Lovers


What is it?
MoviePass is a subscription service that allows you to see one movie every 24 hours for a flat rate of $35 a month. So if you’re doing the math, if you see three movies a month at the typical price (around $12), the card has paid for itself.

How does it work?
Once you pay the initial $35, MoviePass sends you a card (like mine seen above). In 5 – 7 business days (mine came in 5), you’ll receive your card in the mail and you’re good to go. While you’re waiting, download the MoviePass app and make sure your info is correct. Once you have both the card and the app, head to the theater of your choice, select which movie you want to see on the app, press the “check in” button (you must be within 100 yards of the theater to check in) and run your credit card like normal. Ta-da!

Where does it work?
MoviePass will work at any theater that accepts Discover. If you’re in the Oklahoma City metro, that’s every theater except Harkins Bricktown Cine-Capri. (And yes, that does include The Warren.)

What’s the catch?
There is no major catch, but there are a few minor ones that may give you pause.

First, it is a year subscription. That means you’re making a $420 commitment for the next 12 months. Like most memberships, after a year your contract becomes month-to-month.

Secondly, MoviePass allows you to see one movie every 24 hours, not every day. So for example, if you see a midnight showing of Nightcrawler on Thursday (and I will), you effectively cannot see another movie on Friday… unless that movie is another midnight showing. Capeesh?

NOTE: Since I originally wrote this post, it appears that this policy has changed. For the last three movies I’ve seen, the timer has reset to 12 hours instead of 24. That is amazing and eliminates the biggest reservation I had about the service. Now you can truly see one movie per day! High five, MoviePass!

Lastly, MoviePass is in a beta phase. That means occasionally you’re going to run into technical difficulties. The first time I attempted to use my card, my app told me I was past due on my payment. I went to a theater in a small town and the app didn’t have the showtimes listed. My friend got to a movie just a few minutes after the showtime and the app wouldn’t allow him to check in. While these things are all frustrating, they shouldn’t be a deal breaker. The customer service reps are great and MoviePass will refund you any charges you incur for their service not working – no questions asked. Just email them a picture of your ticket stub. Slightly inconvenient, but simple.

EDIT: It should also be mentioned that the MoviePass does not work on IMAX or 3D films. That point completely slipped my mind because those things aren’t very important to me, but they are to a lot of movie goers. If that’s you, that sucks. I don’t really have a positive spin to put on that one.

Why is it so great?
See the first point I made – if you see three movies a month at the typical price (around $12), the card has paid for itself.

You may be thinking, “I don’t typically see three movies a month”. I get that. Before I got the card, I didn’t either and debated for about a month on whether it was a good decision to sign up. I finally decided to pull the trigger after sitting down and figuring out a budget. I looked at it this way, on the weeks when my fun money runs low, I can still see a movie without worrying about it affecting my budget. My biggest fear with implementing a strict budget is that I would feel like I was missing out on things, but with MoviePass I always have the option to get out of the house and do something.

But back to that “I don’t see three movies a month” thing – Why do you think you see fewer than three movies a month?
Money? Not enough movies you’re interested in? Inconvenience?

historyTurns out all of those things played a part with me. Obviously the money thing is no longer a concern. I just put it in my monthly bills list, so it really feels like I’m seeing movies for free.

Which brings me to the second concern – not enough movies I’m interested in. As it so happens, when I feel like I’m seeing stuff for free, there are a lot of movies I’m interested in. Pride, The Judge, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day – all movies I would’ve skipped if I had to pay for them. But I’m glad I got to see them all.

Inconvenience was actually my biggest issue and it’s something I had never really even considered. Before I only wanted to see movies at the Tinseltown by my house because tickets are SO much cheaper – $6.25 for an adult evening showing. That seriously limited my showtimes and didn’t allow me to see a lot of the indies coming through town because they’re only carried at AMC whose ticket price is almost $4.00 higher.  With MoviePass I can see any movie I want, at any theater I want, at any time I want. That, my friends, is awesome. I got my card on the 15th of this month and as of today, I’ve seen eight movies.

Bonuses for true movie geeks like myself:
The card still works with your AMC Stubs card. So after ten movies, you’re still earning $10 and now you don’t have to debate on whether to use it for a free ticket or $10 worth of concessions.
The app tracks all the movies you’ve used it for. Even if you have to submit your ticket for a refund, they still enter the movie in your viewing history.

I’m sold! How do I sign up?
Click here!

Yes, this is shameless self promotion because if you use that link to sign up, I get a $10 credit. And after you’re a member, you can pass your own link on to your friends and get the same deal. Everybody wins!


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