Podcast: Making a Murderer

You can’t go anywhere on the internet these days without hearing about Netflix’s 10-part docu-series, Making a Murderer. And rightfully so. It’s a fascinating look at tragic story with probable corruption, betrayal and intrigue – it seems too cinematic to be true, and yet, it is.

If you’re like me, you watched MaM with a wide range of emotions and reactions that included:

Dropping your jaw.
Throwing things at your TV.
Cursing sleazy lawyers.
Hiding under your covers.

I spent time outlining a piece about Steven Avery, Brenden Dassey and Teresa Halbach, but when it comes to this case, there is too much to cover. Instead, my friends and I decided to tackle Making a Murderer on our podcast, Pulp Flicktion.

In the episode we break down MaM‘s worst villains, biggest WTF moments, the most convincing things in favor of and against Steven Avery/Brendan Dassey, picks for the most likely other suspects and our percentages for whether Steven and Brendan are innocent or guilty.


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