2016 Tweet Roundup

Let’s face it, this is mostly a shameless attempt to pick up more Twitter followers. But it also gives me the opportunity to read some old tweets and think to myself, “Oh Rachael, you are so clever. Your genius really goes unrecognized. I bet your timeline will become legendary after you die. People will make memes with your tweet and credit them to… Mother Teresa… or something.” #alternativefacts

Without further ado, here are my favorite tweets of 2016 written by yours truly.

This is so us.

The name for this bag was later changed to “just leave it in the car for the morning” bag.

Yep, my dad helped build this when he was 12. Ron Swanson would be proud.

The best part of the Super Bowl.

This guy has become legendary. Why? Have a few beers, turn on some jamz (Make sure it’s the kind with the “z,” not the “s.”) then watch him wave his Muppet arms in the air like he just don’t give a care. It’s guaranteed to keep everyone entertained for hours.

That feeling when the most influential band of your life says they have a big announcement, then it turns out they’re just taking a cruise.

Other notable things about #WORSTDAY – KD left.

Breaking up is hard.

Burpees blow. Plus, they’re called “burpees.” Eww.

While not helpful, he’s also not wrong.

*Joey Lawrence “Whoa!”*

Still looking for an answer. Hit me in the DMs.

This tweet was freaking clever and I only got 2 likes. SMH. Imma go back and like it myself.

Would not recommend to a friend.


Love at first sight.

Still undecided on if they’re one of the best or worst things ever.

All the thought and care put into hundreds of tweets this year and this tweet is the most popular.

Yeah. Okay. It is better than anything I’ve ever written.

This should really be said at more places than Wizard World.

Never has a .gif so perfectly described my life at one particular moment.

Santa walking around in your neighborhood is like, the ultimate sadness trump card, no? I mean, it’s mother flippin’ Santa.

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