2017 Trip No. 1: Fayetteville, AR

Despite a bumpy start (featuring lost keys, one exploded soda can and booking an AirBnB loft not only on the wrong date, but also the wrong MFing state), my first road trip of 2017 is in the books.


2016: A Year End Review

There’s no need to sugarcoat this – 2016 sucked, guys.

I could sit here and write you thousands of words about what made 2016 the worst, but why dwell on the crappy past when we can look forward to the potentially less crappy future? More about that near the end, but first, the fun stuff.

Today’s Secret Word is “Opportunity”

Who’s tired of update posts? I know. I’ll write more stupid things soon. Hang in there. But whenever I’m out for a significant chunk of time, I feel the need to start fresh, which for me means explaining my absence to feel better about it. Unlike most times I’m out though, I actually have mostly… Continue reading Today’s Secret Word is “Opportunity”



It’s last call for 2014, which is honestly fine by me. I’m not trying to be ho-hum or a Debbie Downer, but there’s honestly not much to remember about this year. (I’ll take that over a bunch of bad things happening.) I think it’s a side effect of being in my 30s and mostly everyone… Continue reading 2014: A YEAR END REVIEW


My First (and very pink) Stitch Fix

A little over a month ago I saw a friend say on Facebook say that she was trying Stitch Fix. I personally had never heard of the service and had no idea what it was all about, but her comments were witty and inspiring enough for me to look into it… or maybe it was… Continue reading My First (and very pink) Stitch Fix