Inspiration doesn’t work on our timeline, and with a personal goal to post at least one blog a month, I’ve been coming up empty on interesting topics. Then it occurred to me that this blog has never been built on interesting topics; it’s just a modicum of random thoughts. So, with that in mind, I… Continue reading Grabbaggin’

10 TV Shows You Should be Watching

Remember when there were so many good shows on TV? Critically praised hits The Sopranos and The Wire, ABC’s addictive LOST, outstanding cable dramas like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, smart comedies like Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock? It seems like television has taken a dive in the last few years, but there are… Continue reading 10 TV Shows You Should be Watching

RLW: 12 Ways to Get Your Breaking Bad Fix

Unless you just have absolutely no source for entertainment news… or a Facebook account… or a co-worker with good taste in TV, you’ve probably gathered that something is going on with a show called Breaking Bad. That “something” is the final eight episodes that will begin airing on AMC this Sunday night. It’s both my… Continue reading RLW: 12 Ways to Get Your Breaking Bad Fix

Facebook Friday (Week 5)

What Do You Get When You Combine Harry Caray and The Lumineers Hey Ho? The Best Thing EVER! I never actually LOL at anything when I’m by myself, but this one had me giggling like Ron Swanson telling a tax joke. Robert Downey Jr. Makes Tony Stark Money According to Forbes‘, RDJ now tops the list… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 5)

Breaking Bad: Walt vs. Jesse

With The Sopranos off the air and Dexter clearly unable to deliver after season four, Breaking Bad has cornered the market on morally ambiguous television characters. By definition that means everything is subjective to the viewer’s perception and moral compass. Understandably, some people are unable to move past the widely-accepted commandment of “thou shalt not… Continue reading Breaking Bad: Walt vs. Jesse