Inspiration doesn’t work on our timeline, and with a personal goal to post at least one blog a month, I’ve been coming up empty on interesting topics. Then it occurred to me that this blog has never been built on interesting topics; it’s just a modicum of random thoughts. So, with that in mind, I… Continue reading Grabbaggin’

Facebook Friday (Week 11)

…making it’s triumphant return to an actual Friday! Dean Norris Writes the Best Ending Possible for Breaking Bad. Everyone has been speculating about how Breaking Bad will end. Will Walt die? If so, who kills him? Who is the gun for? What will happen to Jesse? Will Hank be the one to take Walt down? So… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 11)

Facebook Friday (Week 1)

There’s a new feature on The Poncho – Facebook Fridays! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’ll be sharing all the riveting updates about what I’m having for dinner or share 27 pictures of a baby or puppies. I’ll be passing along the most interesting stories that came across my feed in the past 7 days.… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 1)

Top 10 TV Dudes I’d Marry

Please note that this list is based on the full package – Looks, personality, humor, intelligence and an X-factor. Each contestant will be judged on a scale of 1 -10 in each of these 5 categories. 10. Jack Shepherd  Show: LOST Portrayed by: Matthew Fox Looks: 7 Personality: 7 Humor: 5 Intelligence: 10 X-Factor: 5 … Continue reading Top 10 TV Dudes I’d Marry