2016 Tweet Roundup

Let’s face it, this is mostly a shameless attempt to pick up more Twitter followers. But it also gives me the opportunity to read some old tweets and think to myself, “Oh Rachael, you are so clever. Your genius really goes unrecognized. I bet your timeline will become legendary after you die. People will make memes with your tweet and credit them to… Mother Teresa… or something.” #alternativefacts


2016: A Year End Review

There’s no need to sugarcoat this – 2016 sucked, guys.

I could sit here and write you thousands of words about what made 2016 the worst, but why dwell on the crappy past when we can look forward to the potentially less crappy future? More about that near the end, but first, the fun stuff.

Today’s Secret Word is “Opportunity”

Who’s tired of update posts? I know. I’ll write more stupid things soon. Hang in there. But whenever I’m out for a significant chunk of time, I feel the need to start fresh, which for me means explaining my absence to feel better about it. Unlike most times I’m out though, I actually have mostly… Continue reading Today’s Secret Word is “Opportunity”


2015 Tweet Roundup

Saying something amusing, poignant or even whimsical in 140 characters is truly an art. I’ve been honing my skills since all the cool kids were using Lockerz to tweet their photos, and I’m proud to say that 2015 was the most tweeterific year of my life.

Here’s a look back at 21 times I totally nailed it last year in 140 characters or less.


2015: A Year End Review

When I sat down to write this I was feeling pretty good about 2015, but after reflecting on my year and re-reading my recap for 2014, I haven’t made that much progress. Another mostly forgettable year, perhaps proving my theory about reaching my 30s and remaining single. Still, I continue to be optimistic that good things are ahead.