Inspiration doesn’t work on our timeline, and with a personal goal to post at least one blog a month, I’ve been coming up empty on interesting topics. Then it occurred to me that this blog has never been built on interesting topics; it’s just a modicum of random thoughts. So, with that in mind, I… Continue reading Grabbaggin’


Podcast: Making a Murderer

You can’t go anywhere on the internet these days without hearing about Netflix’s 10-part docu-series, Making a Murderer. And rightfully so. It’s a fascinating look at tragic story with probable corruption, betrayal and intrigue – it seems too cinematic to be true, and yet, it is.


It’s last call for 2014, which is honestly fine by me. I’m not trying to be ho-hum or a Debbie Downer, but there’s honestly not much to remember about this year. (I’ll take that over a bunch of bad things happening.) I think it’s a side effect of being in my 30s and mostly everyone… Continue reading 2014: A YEAR END REVIEW


Facebook Friday (Week 18)

I’m fairly certain this should be about week 34 or something, but 17 weeks in a row is nothing to shake a stick at. (That little phrase just caused me to go down a rabbit hole, so here’s it’s origin. This is the kind of time wasting thing that kills all my productivity.) So welcome… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 18)


Goodbye, Philip

It’s been over a month since Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away, but unlike most celebrity deaths after a reasonable amount of time, the wound still seems fresh. Maybe it’s because of how untimely his passing was – he was only 46-years-old and finally reaching the height of his career. Maybe it’s because of the eccentric… Continue reading Goodbye, Philip