2016: A Year End Review

There’s no need to sugarcoat this – 2016 sucked, guys.

I could sit here and write you thousands of words about what made 2016 the worst, but why dwell on the crappy past when we can look forward to the potentially less crappy future? More about that near the end, but first, the fun stuff.


Goodbye, Philip

It’s been over a month since Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away, but unlike most celebrity deaths after a reasonable amount of time, the wound still seems fresh. Maybe it’s because of how untimely his passing was – he was only 46-years-old and finally reaching the height of his career. Maybe it’s because of the eccentric… Continue reading Goodbye, Philip

12 Reasons to Love Steven Adams

There are plenty of reasons to love Steven Adams on the basketball court, but there are just as many to love him off of it. Here are twelve of them (you know, because he wears #12) in no particular order. 1. His story. I’ve already been through this once and it took me about 2,500… Continue reading 12 Reasons to Love Steven Adams

Facebook Friday (Week 17)

…brought to you this week on a Saturday. If you thought Gravity Couldn’t Get Any Better, It Just Did Fans and critics alike fawned over Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, but now screenwriter Jonás Cuarón is making a good thing even better with a 7-minute short titled Aningaaq. It tells the story of the Inuit fisherman who receives Ryan Stone’s distress call… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 17)

Facebook Friday (Week 15)

Now back to your regularly scheduled Facebook Friday… Bad Lip Reading Presents: Medieval Land Fun-Time World The guys that gave us those great bad lip reading NFL moments have struck again with their concoction of Adventureland, Game of Thrones and, of course, bad lip reading. I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched this all the way… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 15)