Halfway Point 2016 Movie Rankings

It’s incredibly difficult to judge a year from the first six months, but if I were to make an assessment on the first half of 2016, I’d say it’s hopeful. A few interesting, unique films have managed to sneak their way into theaters, of the three superhero movies, one was pretty outstanding and we still have Sausage Party to look forward to.


10 TV Shows You Should be Watching

Remember when there were so many good shows on TV? Critically praised hits The Sopranos and The Wire, ABC’s addictive LOST, outstanding cable dramas like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, smart comedies like Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock? It seems like television has taken a dive in the last few years, but there are… Continue reading 10 TV Shows You Should be Watching

Today’s Secret Word is “Opportunity”

Who’s tired of update posts? I know. I’ll write more stupid things soon. Hang in there. But whenever I’m out for a significant chunk of time, I feel the need to start fresh, which for me means explaining my absence to feel better about it. Unlike most times I’m out though, I actually have mostly… Continue reading Today’s Secret Word is “Opportunity”

Podcast: Making a Murderer

You can’t go anywhere on the internet these days without hearing about Netflix’s 10-part docu-series, Making a Murderer. And rightfully so. It’s a fascinating look at tragic story with probable corruption, betrayal and intrigue – it seems too cinematic to be true, and yet, it is.

2015 Tweet Roundup

Saying something amusing, poignant or even whimsical in 140 characters is truly an art. I’ve been honing my skills since all the cool kids were using Lockerz to tweet their photos, and I’m proud to say that 2015 was the most tweeterific year of my life.

Here’s a look back at 21 times I totally nailed it last year in 140 characters or less.