Inspiration doesn’t work on our timeline, and with a personal goal to post at least one blog a month, I’ve been coming up empty on interesting topics. Then it occurred to me that this blog has never been built on interesting topics; it’s just a modicum of random thoughts. So, with that in mind, I… Continue reading Grabbaggin’

Facebook Friday (Week 13)

…brought to you this week on Saturday! Breaking Bad Spin-off S’all Good, Man AMC has announced that a Breaking Bad spin-off tentatively titled Better Call Saul has been green lit. My immediate reaction was incalculable joy, but many fellow fans did not share my exuberance at the announcement. I understand the concern that it’s just… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 13)

Facebook Friday (Week 1)

There’s a new feature on The Poncho – Facebook Fridays! Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’ll be sharing all the riveting updates about what I’m having for dinner or share 27 pictures of a baby or puppies. I’ll be passing along the most interesting stories that came across my feed in the past 7 days.… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 1)