Top 25 Movies of 2013: the precursor

Those of you who consider yourselves film buffs like myself know that at the end of each year you will be forced to rank all the movies you saw released during said year. No one is literally forcing you, and if you’re honest with yourself, no one would even notice if you skipped, but your… Continue reading Top 25 Movies of 2013: the precursor

Facebook Friday (Week 9)

…brought to you this week on Saturday! Breaking Bad‘s Badger Writes the Best Star Trek¬†Story Line¬†Ever. The Internet Responds Promptly with an Animated Version.AMC’s Breaking Bad has returned for it’s final eight episodes. The premiere started off with a plethora of intense scenes, most notably Walt and Hank’s confrontation. However, staying true to form, show… Continue reading Facebook Friday (Week 9)